IGN: Mega Man 9: Fanboy vs. Fresh-Face

Welcome to the first Fanboy vs. Fresh-Face feature here at IGN AU. What's it all about? The basic idea is that they pick the latest game in a much-loved series, find someone who's a huge fan, someone who's new to the series (or has only a passing interest) and sit them down to debate the game. It should be an interesting insight into how drastically opinions can differ based on how you feel about a series. For the first feature, IGN is looking at Mega Man 9, with Patch Kolan as the Fanboy and Cam Shea as the Fresh-Face.

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kapedkrusader3764d ago

...set the standard for 2D games in next-gen consoles. Megaman 9 should've followed suit. This game has no appeal to me. If developers back then had the same technology we have now, they would've made the originals look better. So why is Capcom ignoring 20 years of gaming evolution?

ItsDubC3764d ago

The developers were initially creating the game to have a newer look/feel to it, but the producer wanted it to be a true sequel to the series w/ all of the characteristics that made the series a fan favorite in the 1st place. I applaud the decision indefinitely.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed is more of a remake whereas Mega Man 9 is a whole new game. Obviously for a remake, devs will update graphics/sound/etc of an existing game, but there is no pressure to do the same for a game that is brand-new IMHO.

If you're frowning upon this game because its graphics and sound are reminiscent of the 80s/90s, I fear that you may be missing the point.

PS360WII3764d ago

Bionic Commando Rearmed is like Final Fantasy IV on the DS. Same but added features, upgraded graphics, and a harder difficulty.

Mega Man 9 is a new game to the long standing IP made for those who love Mega Man on NES. This is not ignoring 20 years of gaming this is embracing it. Break down that wall that says I need the same game but better looking that people are trying to make next gen mean.

The producers have said this is more of a true Mega Man 3 then 9 really. For most Mega Man fans have said Mega Man 2 was the best so that is why they are using this artistic choice in the video game.

kapedkrusader3764d ago can still have the awesome game play of classic megaman games with better visuals. What does Bionic Commando being a remake and not a new game have anything to do with Megaman 9 not being applicable for the same treatment. I have a 42" HD tv with a PS3, visuals are a big selling point to me, maybe not you. And how can you justify a game being better simply because it has the look of an 8-bit system? After all, that is my only critizism, the look. It's like Pac-man, you can have a colorful 2.5D stylized Pac-man game with the same game play as the original. How can you not see this?

PS360WII3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I can't understand it because I still play NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, PS1, etc games on my 42" plasma HDTV and love it! Here is a bit from the article as well: "it's almost like Capcom is waving a giant 'hardcore only' flag in a way, and it does so without apology."

If that doesn't get you stoked for this Mega Man title I'm not sure what will. Your basic argument isn't about the game itself just the art style they picked. So you are saying graphics > gameplay which is alright many people now-a-days are into that but this is about gameplay first and a nice salute/tribute to those who played Mega Man when it first came out and stuck with it.

Not every single new game out needs to push the graphics boundary and I for one fully enjoy that Capcom knows enough to keep it real at times. Just remember Capcom is the one who did Bionic Commando as well so they are doing both in terms of pleasing gamers and pleasing hd graphic lovers

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kapedkrusader3764d ago

...although when you say "gameplay first", it sounds as if I'm saying screw the game, gimmie graphics. That's not the case at all, I truly love Meman games, maybe that's why this stings me so much. Bottom line is, I won't buy this game. I agree with Cam when he stated...'why not bring more fans into the same enjoyment you got from Megaman, why just cater to the hard-core?'(paraphrasing). You know why else I won't buy it, because I bought Street Fighter Alpha. I couldn't wait for SF2:HDremix, and now I regret it. I never play it cause it looks TERRIBLE! So I'm not making the same mistake twice.