Rapala Fishing Frenzy believes in Sixaxis Tilt Controls

GameXtract writes "The Playstation 3 has not been very fond of it's tilt controls since launch. While titles like Warhawk have managed to incorporate the tilt abilities in decent ways, the regular analog controls have proven to be far superior, and more accurate. Titles like Killzone 2 still support the motion controls, but use them as an additional feature rather than an essential aspect. We now have Rapala Fishing Frenzy which is a instant action packed title. From taking a look at the debut trailer for this gritty and gruesome game they look to be following in the same footsteps, and will be including tilt controls in order to catch your bite of the day. While its still unknown if these tilt controls will aid your ability to fish or make it ten times harder, we can be sure that players should still be able to get their game faces on, and jump right into the intense life of being a fisherman. The game will be available for Xbox360, Playstation 3, and the Wii this fall. We have the debut trailer for Rapala Fishing Frenzy after the jump!"

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ThatCanadianGuy3766d ago

I have a strange urge to play a fishing game now..

thereapersson3766d ago

It was fun because it had a touch of arcade-y gameplay (from its arcade roots, of course). I always liked pulling up boots and junk from the different lakes and getting bonus points for "clean up" (lol). The controls worked pretty good too; It always helped to hold the Dual Shock controller sideways, like a fishing pole, and rotate the stick in a circle with my hand.