Yes or No to Halo 4?

From gameplayer: With recent rumors strongly suggesting that Gearbox will be continuing the Halo series by developing number 4, it begs the question, do we really need a fourth Halo game?

With Halo 3 bringing the trilogy to a nice, neat close, and developer Bungie Studios released from under Microsoft's wing, Master Chief (the most bankable star of this generation) is still stuck in limbo.

But will this fourth sequel actually happen? Can it happen, Should it happen? We put the question to four of our best…

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Chris Hansen3765d ago

Resistance 3? yes, please
Halo 4? no, thanks

FreeMonk3765d ago

I'm a fan of the Halo series....but I don't think there should be a Halo 4 yet.

Give us 'Halo Online' instead. Base it entirely on Online gaming. Add all the maps from the first 3 games, plus a load of new maps and I'd be sold.

The MP is where the game shines anyway!

Idonthatejustcreate3765d ago

If bungie makes halo 4. Yes
If Gearbox or someone else makes it. NO!

nuff said

Fox013764d ago

Halo 3 will have a sequel anyway, and it's not your to decide.

That said, Resistance is a crapy game, it was release at a time when the PS3 had no games (ok had 1---> Motorstorm).
Almost any FPS is better than this crap.

The New York Times
"In spite of rave reviews it’s a fairly pedestrian humans-versus-aliens first-person shooter that brings nothing new to the genre. The artificial intelligence of combatants is lackluster, and the semi-sepia-toned graphics are surprisingly unimpressive, no better than what you would see on the five-year-old Xbox."

Pnuts3764d ago

i am a ps3 fan, but seriously i dont know what games are coming out for xbox accept for gears 2 and halo, please can somone write a quick list of the line up for this and beginning of nxt year. Who ever says that the games coming out for the ps3 arnt awsome and innovative are either blind, or are just jelious, the line up for ps3 is awsome, i.e. killzone 2, lttle big planet, home, moterstorm 2, heavy rain, resistence 2, fat princess, M.A.G, Geterway, Afrika and all the 3rd party games that ps3 and xbox are getting and if thats not a strong line up, i dont know what is, disagree if u want, but ur just jealous, if somone replys with a list of as many exclusives as the ps3, i will happily say i was wrong.

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m233765d ago

I am a fan of Halo, I'd love another despite what everyone keeps saying. I loved all the Halo games, they are just fun to play. I don't see people complaining about mario, zelda, final fantasy, etc. People love those franchises so why should the companies stop making them?

ASSASSYN 36o3765d ago

Build it and people will come...guaranteed.

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