NextGen Player Goes Postal Contest

NextGen Player writes:

"I was thinking to myself the other day that we should run a contest on NextGen Player. A contest so exciting that all our faithful readers would ohh and ahh with sheer joy. And then, when I realized that I didn't have any prizes to give away I got frustrated, then mad, then I went absolutely insane ...and postal!

That's when it dawned on me. Let's give away Postal the video game. Actually let's give away the Fudge Pack compilation pack that includes Postal 1, Postal 2: Share the Pain, Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend, and more."

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mvern783759d ago

Haiku's are very fun
Writing takes wit and some skill
Postal movie awaits

Dont' wait get out and enter soon.

Remember the pattern for a typical haiku is 3 lines 1st is 5 syllables, 2nd is 7 syllables, 3rd is 5 syllables.