Quartermann: Max Payne 3 and New PS3 Exclusive Coming From Rockstar?

1up reports:-

"We've been hearing for months that Max Payne 3 is in the works, but this month we got something a bit juicier to add to this rumor: Original Max Payne developers Remedy Entertainment are currently too busy working on Alan Wake to even consider developing the new Payne sequel. Instead, the next-gen noir shooter will be handled by the same internal Rockstar team that created The Warriors. And perhaps even more exciting, we've got word that Rockstar is still hard at work on an unannounced PlayStation 3 exclusive. Who's making it? Why, just the guys behind a little-known Rockstar release from earlier in the year.... "

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I toughNAME I3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

I hope Rockstar puts a little more effort into the games multiplayer component.

cahill3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

PS3 has quite a big base to support exclusive games

The ww installed bases of the 2 consoles are around 3m - 3.5m apart and each can make a game a success

Rockstar can make an exclusive ps3 ip just like EPIC with Gears

bootsielon3760d ago

Try not being so obvious.

And don't give me the "WHAT? LOL"

C_SoL3760d ago

MONEY makes people talk and they only do it for one reason.......

you smell me?? haha

sonarus3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

This is why people(special ppl who shall remain nameless) are stupid. When Jack Tretton said he was sorry he had nothing to add about the rockstar exclusive at E3, the idiots automatically interpreted it to something else

BulletToothtony3760d ago

it said that ps3 exclusives sell 40% better... so if they do a good job they'll get their money back...

Look at mgs4.. it's well on it's way to 4 mil if is not there already..

If it's a good it will sell.. exclusive or not.. if is a sucky game exclusive or multiplatform won't sell well

MikeGdaGod3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

R* already said the next one will be ps3 exclusive since they couldn't make the GTA they wanted this time around because of the 360.

the cost of making a big next-gen game are ENORMOUS and they needed to get that first game out the way to pave the way for what they really wanted to make. and because MS was generous enough to give them $50mil, they can now take a chance at making a big ps3 exclusive.

Thanks MS!!!

sonarus3760d ago

Well they did say, next franchise so i doubt it will be GTA.

SullyDrake3760d ago

It's not hard to imagine, and actually with the grown install base of the PS3, it's quite logical.

fermcr3760d ago

Let me see if i get this strait... they sell more GTA4 on the X360 then the PS3... and you guys are telling me that they will make GT5 exclusive to PS3.

Do you really think they will make it exclusive, knowing they sell more on the xbox then on the PS3? IF it would be exclusive, it would probably be more logical on the xbox then the PS3 (easier to program and sells more).

As for GTA4, waiting for the PC version (probably the best version), almost coming out :)

King_many_layers3760d ago

GT5 already is a PS exclusive... no way it could be multi :P

hmm, I just hope that it's a better job than the transition of controls ond story over from Max 1 to Max 2.

kinggeoff3759d ago


game got huge scores, made a ton of cash, and sold more on 360.

that *obviously* means they'll do a ps3 exclusive next.

this site is pretty heavily populated by the ps3 crowd. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking i guess

JD_Shadow3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

The game was gimped on the 360, and at that point in time, the install base difference was much larger. By the time something like GTA5 came to pass (assuming that IS what it would be), the PS3 would have surpassed the 360 in install base difference if the continued monthly sales favor the PS3 like they did with the July figures. This would mean that by that point, the PS3 would have to be heavily considered to get exclusives. Did we forget, also, how many consoles Metal Gear Solid 4 moved, and how many units MGS4 sold? And what was the unit difference on the PS3 and 360 versions of GTA4? (Should consider all the facts before trying to begin that "site is populated with the Sony Defense Force" argument.)

Couple that with the notion that it appears that Rockstar didn't like having their hands tied behind their backs from the whole Microsoft thing (my guess is give them what they paid for with the two exclusive DLC things and be done with their deal) and the gimping of GTA4 to accommodate the 360 version, and you might be looking at Rockstar wondering why they even went multiplatform to begin with for GTA4.

Of course, seeing as how they told us to expect GTA4 DLC for the PS3 and how they wanted the game to "last for years", that could be a possibility of what Q-Mann is telling us, as well (didn't Barrera mention that they build the game to last?). That seems like a better bet on than GTA5 and would also fit in with what I said above. Should cue the disagrees now, because I know I'll get them from even bringing it up (everyone who dares mention GTA4, DLC, and PS3 in the same sentence gets them because we're not supposed to believe that Rockstar never left that door open, for some reason).

Anyway, the Q-Mann is pretty good with these rumors, as there is usually some hard thing he heard in order to confirm that something is going on (hell, didn't he get the Bioshock PS3 port thing right?). This is not just some no name guy trying to get our hopes up here, we should be taking the Q-Mann's rumor reporting seriously.

DaTruth3759d ago

Episodic content=/=DLC. The PS3 will get DLC, It just won't get some dumb story content that nobody wants because you don't really buy a GTA game for the story. The best thing about 4 was the story, and people are re-selling it in droves(Like 100 at my EB).

JD_Shadow3759d ago

Yeah, actually, EC was what I was meaning. EC would have to be DOWNLOADED (meaning that it WOULD be DLC). I do equate the two together in some way.

But yeah, it was episodic content that I was talking about, and it is something that we should really consider at this point. I do keep thinking that:

- Rockstar never said they wouldn't make episodes for the PS3, and has even said that it was very likely and to expect such. They want the game to last for years, and it's hard to think that they would only extend the lifespan of the 360 version while ignoring the PS3 version, especially after all that help and support Sony was giving them on the PS3 version.
- This "exclusive" is from the same GTA4 team, so there is a clue.
- Rockstar has gotten a little bit upset at MS for all of this, I'm sure. Like I said, get it over with so your hands are no longer tied to one system.

Again, this is just another thought into what this secret exclusive could be, but my thinking is that episodic content is coming to the PS3 (I'll try to remember to use that phrase to talk about that possibility from here on out).

DaTruth3759d ago

It wasn't really a response to you, but to all the fanbots calling episodic content DLC and saying PS3 won't get none. As soon as I saw the lack of weapons and other features I knew they were planning to nickel and dime us.

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Kush_Reaper3760d ago

the PS3 exclusive if true is not another GTA. I'd rather they make Max Payne 3 over that anyday. Besides the GTA franchise is really getting old. Just my thoughts anyway.

BabyStomper50003759d ago

Open world Max Payne. *SCHWING!*

Cajun Chicken3760d ago



Two Snakes only on one console!

Well, that's my theory anyway.

Dyingduck3760d ago

I see another PS3 exclusive...and again ZERO 360's...

GO ENJOY YOUR HALO POWER RANGER and non-extistant Alan Wake (is that a guy name or a game????)

Stryfeno13760d ago

The warriors was a classic...If it is the same dev team, then PS3 owners should be in for a special treat.

I would love to see a Max Payne 3.

RememberThe3573760d ago

The people who worked on The Warriors are working on Max Pain, and the people who worked on GTAIV are working on the new exclusive for the PS3. So by what you said, who ever play the new Max Pain game will be in for a treat.

dkgshiz3760d ago

Theres like one screenshot from that game. If this is true that rockstar is making a ps3 exclusive thats nice. It makes up for GTA 4 losing its exclusiveness to the ps3. Even though that game sucks balls.

Bleucrunch3760d ago

I agree that GTA4 wasnt the best but it didnt suck balls but yes it would make up for it going to the xbox. I think its L.A. Noire which is the ps3 exclusive.

TheXgamerLive3759d ago

RockStar games ps3 exclusive is Table Tennis 2.

I ca hear the gasp and ahhh's.

I hear it will utilize all of the ps3's special cores and BR space.

The worlds in Awww.