Nintendo is failing the core Wii gamer, regardless of what they say.

From WiiRinControl:
When Nintendo comes out and says: "Hey, we don't have any games for you right now because what you like takes time", it not only sounds like poor planning, but with the release of a crapload of casual games it's very frustrating. When on top of it all, they try to shove this gimped out Game Cube-esque Animal Crossing game down our throats as if that is what we've all been waiting for, anger and frustration are natural responses.

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Voiceofreason3737d ago

What a difference a year can make. Last year it was constant complaining about lack of voice chat, the fact that Nintendo was releasing the same old games as always, and the lack of 3rd party support. This year those issues are fixed so it changes to lack of the some old game they were tired of last year, and a HDD. I will agree that Nintendo was not prepared for the popularity of the Wii, but to claim they have no supported the core gamers is a bit ludicrous. Metroid, Zelda,Mario and the different games he has, came to Wii in a shorter time frame than they did on N64 or GC. I'm sure one of the reason Mario Baseball got pushed out was so they could start on something more important. Great games do take time so I understand why they dont have anything other than Wario and AC coming from them this year.

TruthbeTold3737d ago

I don't think you read the article.

The "voice chat" peripheral Nintendo is showing off, is just another gimpy "Not quite what we meant" situation. Not fixed.

As for the same games as always, there's no Nintendo fan problem with Mario and Zelda. As the article states, it's Nintendo's assumption that that's all complainers want that's part of the problem. People were excited about the Kid Icarus rumor that didn't pan out, not some new Mario game. This problem is definitely not fixed.

3rd party support is getting better, but we're still seeing half assed games, ports, and offshoots of popular franchises. Not fixed.

As for a HDD, if you can't at least see where people are coming from when they say that the console is severely lacking (since it has an old and new games download service and only a half gig of storage space) then your glasses are a little too rose colored.

It's not that Nintendo hasn't supported core gamers at all, and its not so much that they were unprepared for the Wii's success, it's that they are failing many core Wii gamers by being out of touch with what they want. Not to mention the demand for games, since by design, most Nintendo games are being built for quick, non-lasting experiences, and the desire for new games is greater than ever. People aren't asking for SMG2 or a new Zelda so much as they are asking for more quality games that last, and are worth playing often for extended periods.

Voiceofreason3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Most of you claiming to own a Wii and be upset with its line up do not even own one. Just because they do not want to announce a game right now doesnt mean the game doesnt exist. Again if you really knew Nintendo like you and many other supporters for other consoles claimed you would already know this is how they are. See you are one of those people that nothing they ever do will be good enough for you. I am not saying Nintendo is perfect, just that nothing they ever do will be good enough. If what I am saying wasnt true then you guys should be able to acknowledge when they do sometihng right but you refuse to do so. VC isnt even out yet but you already KNOW its a gimmick how? SImply because Nintendo did it and you hate everything they do. It doesnt matter how many Sony loyal disagree the truth is obvious. The Wii could have launched with 3 times the power of PS3, AAA games for every day of the week and you and all the other haters would still be here hating on them. I mean here the article clearly states a lack of games from Nintendo but when I point out how it got games quicker than GC or N64 you come along and change the entire story so you are free to continue hating. I cannot stand the PS3. I tihnk its a waste of money and anyone that buys one is a complete moron for doing so(SOny even went out of their way to let people know they were stupid for buying it)but you wont see me crying on every PS3 article that comes out. Thats what people do when they truly have no interest in a product, they leave it alone. So why cant people do the same for Wii if they really dont like it? The only thing I can think of is insecure fans of other consoles just cant handle any product from Nintendo being popular, because those people arent real gamers. They are Sony casual gamers that think they are hardcore because they play games that contain blood. I'll never play AC but I wont sit and cry about it all day either. I have no interest in Pikman but again not going to cry all day over it. Hey if you really hate Nintendo sale the made up Wii you dont own and enjoy your other consoles games if any. I do agree with one thing you said. NIntendo fans have no problem with Mario or Zelda. Its the followers of other consoles that have issue with them and those are the same people crying now. Real Nintendo fans already knew this was coming. I knew when I bought my Wii last year that there were some bad times ahead. The only people who are acting like they are upset now are those with no experience with Nintendo. You really thought that they could push out every franchise they own with 18 months of the Wii's lifespan?

ChickeyCantor3737d ago

" . I knew when I bought my Wii last year that there were some bad times ahead. "
In other words This is the way of Nintendo.
I agree, only people with little Nintendo expierence claim they do things differently.

nieto3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

"The only people who are acting like they are upset now are those with no experience with Nintendo."

This has to be the most stupid comment i have ever seen in n4g. I say this because you're talking seriously, this is not a comment from the open zone made for the sake of bash.

Did you forget about the nes or snes? most people here were in some time a Nintendo fanboys and were expecting a real comeback from Nintendo like the glorious days of the Nes or Snes but the Wii turned out like the same crap as the GameCube and N64 but worst. it has less core games and a lot but i mean a lot of crappy casual games.

Why people hate? well because of people like you and Sidar that dont understand that the Wii it's a piece of crap right now. $250 for a GameCube with motion controller? give me a break! soon even the X360 with more powerful hardware it's going to cost less.

Nintendo it's ripping you off with this console. My mom wants a Wii just for the Hype and all the news and people talking about it. The Wii has very few core games and almost all of them are more of the same and that masses are buying Wii's like crazy doesn't mean that it is good.

I was a nintendo Fanboy and i have every console almost every Zelda, Mario, Metroid games and when multiplat games were on GC or N64 i always brought the Nintendo versions. I been playing nintendo consoles all my life but they are too much of a let down now so i prefer sony instead. What about MS? first one sucked and the second has a failure rate too high for me take take the risk.

MS, Nintendo vs Sony

why is always like this? always putting MS and Nintendo together like if they were friends? Nintendo fanboys just hate on sony because they kicked their asses for two gen consecutive.

ChickeyCantor3737d ago

" Nintendo fanboys just hate on sony because they kicked their asses for two gen consecutive.

And Sony fans hate Nintendo and Microsoft
And Microsoft fans hate Sony and Nintendo
And Nintendo fans hates Sony and Microsoft

If thats the reason why Nintendo fans hate Sony, then Sony fans hate them now because they are kicking ass with something that was not suppose to sell according to so many?

I'm getting a Ps3 but seriously if you think "sony" fans are innocent....get a reality check.

TruthbeTold3737d ago

The "no games" argument from the context of the article (even though it wasn't worded that way) is that

1.Provision isn't being made for how much more popular games are now all of a sudden. People want MORE games.


2. The majority of Wii games aren't built with a combination of both long playing periods and replay value.

SMG and Zelda are great games, but even a year and nearly a year after beating each respective game thoroughly I still need more time before I want to play them again for more than a couple of minutes to check something or whatnot. Those are the types of games that have long playing periods on the system. But their replay value comes with time.

A game like Brawl or Mario Kart on the other hand is not a game that you can just sit down and play by yourself for 2 or 3 hours. Brawl might have been if the online worked, and Kart might have been if items didn't create such a sense of chaos watering down skill.

So no, I don't discount Nintendo's release of these games. I only point out that they are somewhat insufficient in fulfilling my needs as a gamer. I want to give Nintendo more of my money. I want more games from them. This isn't a bad thing. The bad thing is that they think that I want Animal Crossing, Wario, or they just don't care what I want.

So you can believe all you want that I'm no Nintendo fan, or try and tell me that I own some system that I don't, but it doesn't make it true, and it doesn't lessen my valid concerns. I understand that you may be satisfied, and that you feel that Nintendo is doing enough. But this is an age of gaming where people buy games rather than watch TV, or purchase cable. This is an age where gaming is many people's primary form of entertainment. How Nintendo has released games as compared to past consoles doesn't matter as much. Especially since so many of their games are lacking the desired type of replay value.

For the record, I stood in line for two hours at Target, and bought a Wii on Day one. I have over 20 games for it, including the Wii Fit peripheral, for which I'm still waiting for a real and decent game to be released for. And I have no intention of selling my Wii just because I've got beef with Nintendo's approach. I speak out when dissatisfied and hope for change, not abandon or sell out.

BrotherNick3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

LOL, I like both systems lol...They kind of complement each other. You get the new controls, plus our usual type games from the 360.

orakga3737d ago

Had to be the longest whine I've heard in a long time.

"The only people who are acting like they are upset now are those with no experience with Nintendo."

Classic fanboy comment BTW (regardless of system).

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Zerodin3737d ago

Yeah, there's no zombie shooting games, or racing games, or Rpgs, or adventure games, OR first person shooters on the Wii!

Voiceofreason3737d ago

Sarcasm or just a total lack of knowledge of the subject?

ChickeyCantor3737d ago

No voice that was Sarcasm, Zerodin has nothing against Nintendo apparently XD

(no my comment was not sarcasm his was XD)

ChickeyCantor3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

The insulting ban?
Yes very N4G like.
Exactly the games are coming, and since consumers expect it NOW they start to get frustrated.

How the hell did my post got above yours?
WTF =?

TruthbeTold3736d ago

I hear you, but one of the main ideas was that part of Nintendo's role as an Entertainment company is to help keep their customers entertained when they don't have anything eminent so that they don't feel thrown away. Since they have so much for the casual player right now, the least they could do is give an update on a game people are excited about, or clarify some things that are unclear. That costs them nothing, yet they don't do it. The negativity it is causing is proving that the quiet policy isn't working.

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InMyOpinion3737d ago

And still they are completely destroying the competition. They must be doing something right.

titntin3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Well of course, yes they are!

Rather than developing many games for 'discerning' gamers, which is costly and very hit or miss, they are concentrating on a new demographic, one thats much easier to please. "Look I can do sums", "I'm losing weight with the program" and "Oh look, when I move my arm something moves" and "Look at how cute that it!"

Its brilliant marketing, clever and innovative software design, and I'm delighted for the company, and happy that the idea of a 'games' has been broadened.

But on a purely personnel and selfish level, I'm sad that Nintendo bring me far less of what I want than I've ever had from them in the past. They rarely cater to my tastes, and though I appreciate the casual market is miles larger than catering to someone like me, on a personnel level, I'm still saddened....

Its a bit like a hard hitting rock band that soften their sound and start writing pop songs. They are entertaining more people than ever, but as a former fan you can't help but wish for the old days!

ChickeyCantor3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )


But "quality" games take time to make, and maybe thats why you don't see them coming along as fast as you want them to?
With their new policy to not show anything until they think the game is worth showing.

Third party's are shaping up too.
To bad They never took the Wii serious in the beginning. else we would have seen quality games from the start.

I really hope 2009 will be better, if not I'm just gonna wait for my traditional games. I'll own a Ps3 too so as long i have the first party titles i don't mind XD

InMyOpinion3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

"Its a bit like a hard hitting rock band that soften their sound and start writing pop songs."

I understand exactly what you are saying =) Nintendo is the Slipknot of the videogame industry.

LossTheEarthbreaker3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

However, I think he's a little too hard on the powerhouse that is Nintendo. He mentions how they didn't show a Monster Hunter trailer at E3, but we all know it's coming. I, personally, was disappointed with the press conference, but, after all, it's just an f'ing press conference. For the press. It doesn't change the fact that the games exist, regardless of whether the big N wants to talk about them.

Pikmin 3 will come, Monster Hunter 3 is sure to be great. Obouro Muramasa Youtoden looks interesting. Mad World looks like a lot of fun. The 2D Wario looks fun (I don't know why everyone is hating on this game) and refreshing. Deadly Creatures is very intriguing. The Conduit will fill a gap in the Wii's lineup to join Prime 3. The new version of Dead Rising will be fun for those who didn't catch it on 360 (I still have my copy). Dokapon Kingdom, Mushroom Men, Little King's Story, and Tales of Symphonia all look solid.

Tenchu IV and Fatal Frame IV could surprise a lot of people, too.

The third party support has gotten much stronger in the last two years. I look forward to at least a dozen titles on my Wii and there are at least 8 games (more depending on your tastes, but I think the 8 I list below before Mario Party appeal to any hardcore gamer - - other people would add Super Paper Mario, Boom Blox, Fire Emblem, etc.) worth owning on the system today. That's enough for me to hold onto it, especially knowing all the really promising titles on the horizon.

Prime 3
No More Heroes (favorite game on the system)
RE4 (Wii version is the best version)
Okami (Wii version is the best version)

and if you have friends over to play games a lot

Rayman Raving Rabbids
Warioware: Smooth Moves
Mario Party 17 (haha, it's a high number of some sort now -- I prefer the two titles above this, also)

It's definitely a good time to have a Wii. I wish I didn't buy mine til recently :p, but that doesn't change the fact that there's going to be far more to play on the Wii than the 360 (Star Ocean 4, a pretty meh-looking Banjo, the PC-bound Fable 2 and Gears 2, and Halo Wars is pretty much all they've got).

However, if a new Killer Instinct comes out any time soon, I'd be in heaven for a while on 360. The d-pad will still blow ass though and I'll be wishing the whole time that it was released on PS3.

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TOSgamer3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

When you put out a system with specs from 2001 and dumb-down controls it was obviously Nintendo's way of saying goodbye. It just took some of you longer to realize it.

orakga3737d ago

QFT. And it's only going to get worse.

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