"Nerd Poker" Brings Gamers Together

TGR - "In the era of MySpace and Facebook being used as online tools to network with, it's no surprise that a cluster of gamers in Hollywood have found a new way to network. It appears that big business deals as well as curbstomps have been performed all on a special night affectionately dubbed 'Nerd Poker.' What all does this 'Nerd Poker' entail, exactly?

It's simple -- gather all your business associates for a game of Gears of War or whatever the game of choice is. It's quickly becoming a huge hit with all kinds of different groups who want to get together and talk business, gossip, or just spend time together. Even church groups are getting in on the action and holding their own Xbox Live nights."

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cain1413760d ago

It's quite true actually... I know a friend who got a job because of XBL...

Relin3760d ago

I'd so love to be a fly on the wall during one of these GeoW sessions...

ihaten4glol3760d ago

Things would definitely be more interesting if I were playing with those guys...>.>

gillman3760d ago

I hang out with almost everyone i know from work on Live or World of Warcraft.

JN4G233760d ago

Very nice story, it goes a long way towards showing how games have become a part of our society.