Is Dead Space dead?

Jesse from TVG writes "For those of you that have enjoyed the blood splattering, corpse dismembering, limb impaling, sci-fi shooter that is the Dead Space franchise then you may be interested to know that EA and Visceral Games are struggling to determine a suitable solution for this semi-profitable franchise."

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MilkMan696d ago

Bring back this series please!

Bnet343696d ago

They never said they were done with the series. They said they were taking a break from it.

Ristul696d ago

They killed it off with number 3

Kyosuke_Sanada696d ago

Great video. Really enjoyed hearing this guy's input.

Shubhendu_Singh696d ago

Unfortunately, it is most definitely dead.

EA just won't make something out of just pure, it needs to big big bucks for them to even consider it. They said DS3 needs to sell 5M copies to survive, and they purposely made it more action orientated because it resonates / sells more compared to action-horror. ( I was caught so offguard when EA decided to make Mirrors Edge 2, despite it not selling so well ), but I doubt same thing will happen to Dead Space franchise.

Now that they have StarWars license cashcow, there is no way Visceral Games would be working on anything else than new SW games or new battlefield spinoffs. It's just reality.

jb227696d ago

"EA just won't make something out of just pure, it needs to big big bucks for them to even consider it."

How do you explain Mirror's Edge Catalyst then? That game was obviously made out of pure fan service, the first game didn't exactly light the sales charts up. Granted I'm sure they are preying on the idea of being able to create a franchise out of a game that had a slow start but earned a cult following, but Dead Space sold absolute gangbusters compared to Mirror's Edge.

It's 50/50 really, I personally want to see how the Star Wars Visceral game pans out, but as a huge fan, I'd love to see more Dead Space.

RevXM696d ago

I like the first two games a lot, and I think they should go back and remake Dead space some day with the mindset and ideas they had for the first game and rely on horror and atmosphere, sound design, graphic scenes and tension.
The first two games are a good source for inspiration, but maybe they should look to other popular and praised horror games to see what works and what people like, why they like it and keep it in mind, but keeping it true to dead space while developing a new entry or reboot. Id say make it the most intense, atmospheric and gripping game it can be. Alien Isolation, outlast, PT/Silent hills, Soma, amnesia.

Make it atmospheric (PT, Soma and Alien Isolation).
Tense (Outlast, PT and Alien).
Graphic (PT, dead space).
Interesting (Soma, Dead space, Outlast).
Give us characters we care about look at the last of us. The last of us made gamers care and cry, Alien Isolation had one or two good moments in it where it pulled on my heart strings, it had a sacrifice(the android), and it took away a good character right in front of us as we had just started to like him. Axel anyone?
Soma made us think and feel about our actions and decitions.

Just things and games I think is worth looking at and take into concideration for the dead space franchise.
Above all it got to stay true to itself and be nerve rushing and horryfying, atmospheric. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.