The Olympian review: Too Human

The Olympian writes: "The story behind "Too Human's" creation - nine years, three platforms, countless restarts and even some pending litigation - is packed with more mythos than the game's actual story. The long process also leaves an indelible mark on a final product that's both unrelenting in the pursuit of its vision and saturated with design choice that were more acceptable when development began than they are today."

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Jeremy Clarkson3737d ago

Do we really need another Too Human review amongst the 101 that have already been posted?

Tacki3736d ago

My God, look at all the deleted comments. lol

I know what you mean though, man. This seems to happen whenever a 'hyped' game is released. Just like with MGS4 it becomes the 'war of the reviews'. I was hoping people had settled down a bit now... but by all the mods had to do in this thread I just don't know now.

Anyways, hopefully both sides of the fight can move on to other games now. I'm starting to see Too Human reviews in my sleep.

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bootsielon3736d ago

with no score at all? Sounds like they don't want to compromise offending their stupid fanbase, and I see some people here among them. Poor fantards.

Noel Sulik3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

The Olympian never has scores. People that only look at scores before buying a game without reading the review are stupid. Also this review isn't very negative.

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