FFXIII and Versus In-Game HD Screens

New HD screens from Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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CViper3680d ago

I want the demo.


HighDefinition3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

FF13 looks GREAT, FF13V looks GREAT.

FF13V interests me more, being a more mature setting.

Can`t wait to play them both.

I can`t help but wonder how many disc FF13 is going to be on for 360.

kwicksandz3680d ago

Just couldnt resist taking a shot could ya.

Both games look good, and im sure will sell on brand name alone regardless of quality. Plenty of screens keep coming out but no game play footage is a little troubling.

badz1493680d ago

like me, I never played any previous FF before because of the turn-based system - just not my cup of tea! I'm a rush & slash kinda gamer and turn-based RPGs really turned me OFF completely! but, for what I am, I played Kingdom Hearts 1&2 and I totally love it! FFXIII will be trn-based right? and I heard that FFvsXIII is going to be like kingdom hearts, so the option is obvious for me! but seriously, when will it be before we can get our hands on these games? in a year? 2 years? I'm tired of waiting!

Scerick3680d ago

Those are breathtaking. Squenix still has it in them.

nieto3680d ago

i was interested on FFXIII until it became multiplat but that FFvXIII it's starting to look better and better. FFXIII looks like a Star Wars game or movie...

RemmM3680d ago

If Final Fantasy XIII Demo is 2 hours long...then the full game on X Box 360 will take atleast 4 discs maybe 5+. Personally, I don't like disc switching, especially when I'm doing speedruns on games. >_O

sack_boi3679d ago

you guys should cut the carp about the # discs already. it's only people that don't have 360s that complain about these stuff.

Seriously how lazy can you be to be bothered by disc changing!?
and it's not like you'll have to change disc every 10mins so pls, enough already.

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HipHopGamerShowFan3680d ago

The full FF13 experience, only on PS3. Unless M$ will try to bribe again.

BigMassacre3680d ago

The full FF13 experience, on Sony platforms. Don't forget Agito on PSP, ya know!

Pain3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Being SE they wont show you the Lesser versions ie Xbox 2's.

why show the lesser inferior Version?

You dont send the ugly kid to the Beauty show.

And Those Pics ARE Killer!! but i still want FFMMO more...

Laexerias3680d ago

because there is no inferior version at the moment. First superior and after that comes the inferior.

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360 man3680d ago

this is gonna look absalutely amazing on xbox

3680d ago
3680d ago
HighDefinition3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Seriously, I just lost 2 bubbles, and got this comment "modded" for what?

All I said was LO was on 4 discs and FF13 would probaly end up on 6, that`s realistic.

Please don`t "mod" that comment, cause that would be ridiculous. It`s NOT my fault the 360 decided to use DVDs.

MiloGarret3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

No, the dvd's are not your fault. But its becuase of people like you and 360 man here who post unnecessary and obvious flame-comments that this site is becoming the go to place for fanboys. A quick look at your comment history is proof enough.

OT: They both look amazing and I look forward to playing them both, mostly vs.

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Exia3680d ago

That looks awesome! Hopefully the Japanese will buy more PS3s because of this game.

3680d ago
B-Rein3680d ago

Im gettin em both lookin forward for ff13 versus more thou

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