x360a's Mirror's Edge Preview

x360a writes:

"Mirror's Edge has really become a focal point for EA's new action plan since the game was announced way back in July last year. This new action plan revolves around bringing new quality IP's to the publisher's catalogue with fresh and innovative ideas. Of course, they'll be resurrecting and building upon their successful franchises but Mirror's Edge along with Dead Space are two titles that hinge on this new action plan. They are fresh, innovative and totally unique... Mirror's Edge is so unique in fact that it even has its own genre, not many games can say that, huh?"

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Bombibomb3764d ago

So when are we gonna see it running on the 360 hardware? We've only seen the PS3 version so far.

RoidRage3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I don't know, but I won't be buying this gimped game for 360. Any game that's led on the PS3 isn't pushing the 360's hardware to it's full potential. Since a couple of these devs refuse to listen to the owners of their bread & butter console, I'll just vote with my wallet.

Bangladesh3764d ago

I agree Roid Rage, and it's good to see that other people realize this. I mean if a console can't perform equally or better on multi-plats, it's definately telling. Also, devs saying that it's easier to port ps3 to 360 than it is 360 to ps3 is another red flag.

I already know that Sony fans are going to try to use the "exclusives excuse". So I'll nip that in the bud by posting a 360 video of a multi-plat game that the ps3 couldn't emulate, and that also happens to look as good or even better than any ps3 exclusives.