Philips to Demonstrate 3-D Blu-ray at IFA

Philips has announced that they will be showcasing a new 3-D Blu-ray technology at IFA, which begins this Friday in Germany. The company will be showing a 2D-plus-Depth Blu-ray player which can display 3D content on both stereoscopic (requires special glasses) and auto-stereoscopic (requires no glasses) displays.

Jos Swillens, CEO of Philips 3D Solutions commented, "This demonstration of 3D on Blu-ray is a clear proof point of the flexibility and sustainability of our 2D-plus-Depth content format. It can bring high quality 3D content to the home on a variety of displays and offers a solution to the need for interoperability in 3D."

For the demonstration, Philips will be using their new WOWvx 3-D auto-stereoscopic displays, which allow the viewer to enjoy 3-D content without the use of special glasses.

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spoon3760d ago

cant wait

if this is holograms i think the way we see media will change forever...

cahill3760d ago

3d tech is like Hologram