1UP: Battlefield Heroes Preview

Battlefield Heroes is being beta tested -- it's a given that the game isn't balanced. But as a Battlefield follower, 1UP is skeptical about developer DICE's ability to iterate, test, and iterate its way to an equilibrium that every player will appreciate. Let's look at Battlefield 2. At first, its Blackhawk helicopter was a game-winning hand of god. Next, it was an almost useless air taxi. A few more patches and suddenly, the PKM machine gun was the only weapon worth shooting. Then it sucked. One month, untouchable flyboys laughed at antiair missiles that were like weak bottle rockets.

The next, they smashed their keyboards when those same missiles started corkscrewing to chase planes comic book-style. It never ended. Ever. All of those weapons and all of those vehicles all but guaranteed that one would be better than another at any given time. Battlefield Heroes further complicates matters with a dozen power-ups and a dozen more potential combinations

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