OXM: Duke Nukem 3D Preview

Before Master Chief, the most well-known first-person shooter hero was arguably Duke Nukem, the gum-chewing, wisecracking hero who owned mid-1990s PC gaming.

Known for pushing the limits of interactivity in an action game – you could offer money to strippers, relieve yourself in toilets, demolish buildings, and oh-so-much more – Duke Nukem 3D was equal parts hilarious and brilliant. Its multiplayer mode was legendary, thanks to memorable weapons like the Shrink Ray, jetpack, Freeze Ray, pipe bombs, and laser trip mines.

So why resurrect him on Arcade 12 years later? It had a lot to do with "the cool factor" of the Xbox 360, said 3D Realms co-owner George Broussard. "It seemed like the perfect platform to update and re-release the game," he continued. "Leaderboards and the ability to offer true Internet play to millions of potential customers was [also] a huge draw."

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ape0073732d ago

duke nukem>master chief

PirateThom3732d ago


Duke will always be the greatest hero of any game.

He has the quotes and the manliness of Arnie, ffs. HE'S UNSTOPPABLE!