How To Buy A 'Street Fighter IV' Arcade Cabinet (It's Not Easy!)

MTV's Stephen Totilo writes:

"With reports popping up on the Internet about "Street Fighter IV" arcade cabinets appearing in a handful of arcades across the United States, I began to wonder:

How can I get one?

I asked my man in Capcom PR how to obtain an official arcade unit. He confirmed to me that "technically, the average gamer probably could" get one - if they can navigate the following hurdles..."

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big shadow3760d ago

I would rather wait for the console one

Mc1873760d ago

Who else wants my spare three?

jay23760d ago

If any of this discourage you for some reason, GameStop indicates that a slightly cheaper version of “Street Fighter IV” will be shipping for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in February.' good one, Stephen.