Feature: The 8 Most Powerful Video Game Studios

In terms of multiple hits, present impact, and cash money, these are the most influential video game developers in the world. Know your maker.

Most gamers are familiar with big name publishers like Electronic Arts, Activision, and Sega. But what about the development studios themselves? You know, the ones that actually make the games, not just distribute them. Behold! Here are eight of the most important ones.


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kittoo3433d ago

Anybody else having such problem?
Gamepro is stupid site neways

Sitdown3433d ago

I am having the same problem.........but apparently from one of the comments on the site, Nintendo is on there somewhere.

Pebz3433d ago

Google cache still has page 2, tho the page ends up looking pretty horrible. Scroll down to about the middle of the page to see the article.

If that page doesn't work for some reason, the remaining game studios are:

Sony Computer Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment

Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development

Also "Other budding super powers", which is honorable mentions I suppose:

Valve Corporation

Infinity Ward

Harmonix (hat tip to Red Octane as well)

joydestroy3433d ago

thanks Pebz. bubbles to you.

Atomic3433d ago

Oh silly me . that's on the most mocked video game studio list.

qface643433d ago

lol you made me laugh with that one you get a bubble for that i needed a laugh

Vistrix3433d ago

This was featured on N4G last week...

JoelR3433d ago

DID THEY MISS TOSE.... easily the most productive studio in the world!

mt3433d ago

square-enix in the second page ?

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