Dev on games for multiple VR platforms: 'Focus in on one platform'

Should VR games go to one platform instead of multiple ones at launch?

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ArchangelMike634d ago

I get what the dev is saying, but I think at this stage of VR development, it is better for there to be games and experiences that people can buy into whatever their VR platform. EvE:Valkyrie is a great example with the cross platform multiplayer. I think this is the way to go at this stage of VR.

RuleNumber5634d ago

Totally agree. Seems to not be the smartest thing to cut off any install bases since they are so small at this point.

ScorpiusX634d ago

Depends on the amount of resources allocated or on hand .

SteamPowered634d ago

The VR user base is very small right now. Halving it makes your audience even smaller. With VR still in its infancy, if it doesnt gain momentum fast, Devs will not be enticed to support it. I think Devs should share the wealth and hit as many platforms as possible.