Top 10: Best Game Endings

GameXtract Writes "Okay people, you've beaten a game, you feel satisfied, but nothing makes you feel better than watching a perfectly good ending cinematic. What games have had the best endings? Well I bring you this list, of the top ten best endings."

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ThatCanadianGuy3759d ago

Good list! i knew even before reading it that MGS4 would be number 1
I would of put MGS3 somewhere in there to.that was a great ending.

Dyingduck3759d ago

I knew every time I clicked on anything "Top 10" except for "Top 10 Too Flop," I knew MGS4 will be No.1

The coolest MOMENT in MGS4 ending (SPOLER!!!)

was when Snake and Liquid injected the anti-SOP medicine into one another - show the respect soldiers have for one another in the battlefield

macalatus3759d ago

Though I also liked the ending to MGS4, I also liked the ending to MGS3.

UnSelf3759d ago

i GOTTA play MGS3. GOT TO!!! anyway the best ending goes to Viewtiful Joe 2 for promising us a part 3.

((tapping foot) the latter part of the above quote is sarcastic by the way)

Liquid Dust3759d ago

Bubbles you best get on that! make sure you get the subsistance version, also take a look at all the extras on the bonus second disc, there are some really funny alternate sequences that cant be miss...Solid Sigint...

Anyways yea i agree for the most part that MGS4 wins that contest, but i think they left a few great endings from from the psone era, such as xenogears...maybe im just a little biased

They should probably make a list of worst endings next, such as Castlevania Symphony of the night, best game ever, but just an aweful unsatisfying ending

Microsoft_Spokesman3759d ago

The MGS4 ending is really, really good. Very nicely done and quiet sad.


i love the MGS4 ending a beautiful game with a kickass story

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Danja3759d ago

pretty decent list , No Ico , Okami ?

Chubear3759d ago

It's a top ten not top 100. There are so many great games with great endings, they can't all be in the top 10 of some website's article.

Serjikal_Strike3759d ago

I agree 100% with mgs4 being number 1...I also think Heavenly Sword should of been in the top 10,even though it was a short story it was still a great ending!

butterfinger3759d ago

was unbelievably epic. I remember thinking it was over then it just kept going with more and more awesome stuff. I think they should have included Zelda Twilight Princess as well. Pretty good list, though, pretty good list.:)

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The story is too old to be commented.