Important Importables: Finding Action Replay DS codes for Japanese games

From the article, "Import games are a bit of a delicacy for gamers. They're almost like a hidden treasure, something you might normally have the opportunity to play. So many people will take the plunge and purchase a game, even if they don't have the language skills necessary to play it.

This is when the Action Replay DS (AR DS) can be useful. It certainly can come in handy when you need to purchase potions or weapons in an RPG or make decisions to unlock CG scenes in a game, but can't tell what the items are. Adding a cheat code to unlock all the CG images, or provide infinite money or perhaps give infinite recovery items. Suddenly, the game became a bit more bearable.

So in Important Importables today, we're going to see just how easy it is to find AR codes for your recent import DS purchase."

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