180° Blu-Ray Blockbusters Coming Next Month writes:

September will see the two biggest Blu-Ray movie launches ever, with Transformers coming out next week on September 2nd and Iron Man coming September 30th, this is clearly the biggest mouth for Blu-Ray movies.

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cahill3735d ago

I will be bankrupt in September

sonarus3734d ago

I can sort of see myself getting iron man but i will definitely pass on transformers. I can't wait for Kill Bill 1& 2 and Dark Knight though

MiloGarret3734d ago

Iron man! Yesss. I didn't get the chance to see it in a theater so I've really been looking forward to its bd release.

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cahill3734d ago

transformers and Iron Man == 2 mega hits in a same month

isnt that big enough for you?

Kyur4ThePain3734d ago

Dude, relax and read carefully.

Chris Hansen3734d ago

"biggest mouth for Blu-Ray movies"
Sorry but the Blu-Ray/DVD release of The Dark Knight pwns every movie released this year combined.

cahill3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I agree dark knight will smash some sales records but for the moment September is a huge month

I can see Dark Kinght sell millions on blu ray --that thing is so huge

vickers5003734d ago

Agreed. Can't wait for the dark knight.

cahill3734d ago

it will ignite Blu Ray player sales . ps3 will also benefit from it

AIi_The_Brit3734d ago

i feel ashamed i havnt seen this film yet, its so hyped, how much longer is it in the cinema (UK)?

il probably end up getting it on blu-ray

i already have about 15 :)

cahill3734d ago

since the picture quality will be better on Blu Ray

It is a great movie

Chris Hansen3734d ago

Iron Man = Great Superhero Movie
Transformers = Slutty Megan Fox
The Dark Knight = Masterpiece

Bathyj3734d ago

"It seems judge by his testosterone levels BathyJ would like to mate with the human female, Megan Fox."

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spunnups3734d ago

was really boring. Megan Fox turned out to be the only reason I finished watching.

MiloGarret3734d ago

Say whaaaaaat!?!? Giant robots from outer space duking it out WWF-style don't appeal to you!??! No way man...
I almost cried when Optimus Prime appears for the first time, so many memories!

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The story is too old to be commented.