Game Informer: Tales of Vesperia Review

Casual observers could be forgiven for looking at a new Tales game and saying, "Didn't one of those games just come out?" The answer, of course, is yes. Many of the familiar staples of storytelling and design from previous Tales games repeat again and again, rarely evolving in any meaningful direction. Depending on your perspective, Vesperia either fails to innovate or willfully embraces a popular tradition. Either way, the game is a solid and straightforward example of a beloved genre.

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fork-3764d ago

ow they gave disgea a 8.25

disgea beats this. also it shows rpg do well on ps3. not on 360

GiantEnemyCrab3763d ago

And then what do you say about the places giving Tales a better score?

RPG's don't do well on the 360? You (and all your agree's) come to that conclusion from this score? I think SE's decision to bring FFXIII to the 360 would disagree with that and don't say MS paid them off because Square themselves have said that the reason it's on the platform is because they see it as a viable place for their games.

I'm sorry if you want an RPG selection the 360 has the most.

Btw - This is a great score for a JRPG which usually don't score well outside of Japan(FF being the exception).

TheColbertinator3764d ago

7.25? Unusually low score for a Tales game

Bombibomb3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Very disappointing indeed. Even Disgaea 3 scored higher but then again the 'Tales Of' games have always been pretty damn mediocre.

RPG Guy3764d ago

And B+ was Tales' score. Very up and down with varying sources it seems.

spoon3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

but 1up are known for being xbox 360 fanbabys

there history is crooked unlike game informers

TheColbertinator3764d ago

@RPG guy

Your right.Unstable reviews make me unsure if I want to buy Disgaea 3 or Tales of Vesperia.Besides I gotta save some money for October and November.

For now I will just wait

lonestarmt3764d ago

don't! diseaga 3 is A+. Best story and best gameply of the three. Go to and read the review. Its going to loose a lot of points because of graphics. Just wait. JRPG's always get low scores, (choas wars, tales of the abyss, blue dragon, DQ8, rouge galaxy)

TheColbertinator3764d ago

Games Radar have just finished two reviews

Disgaea 3 7/10

Vesperia 8/10

lonestarmt3764d ago

look is Disgaea 3 is awesome. Its just a required taste. Don't just go by the scores, read the review. If you enjoyed the first two, you will really love this one. Just expect ps2 graphics.

IdleLeeSiuLung3764d ago

I'm not sure how 1up is proven crooked. Care to elaborate?

If anything, game informers on average give higher scores than most other publications to game. I attribute that to being owned by GameStop and the desire to sell games....

Sitdown3764d ago

I think you mean "acquired" taste.....but you are right, you can't just go off have to read the review and see if the things they dislike will be the same thing that rubs you the same way...and vice versa.

Panthers3764d ago

Can we remove RPG guys bubbles. He is getting annoying.

JOLLY13764d ago

Why would we remove his bubbles? He stated a fact. He replied to a person that brought up different game. So, he stayed on topic. I don't see a reason to take them. At least he posts informative posts and doesn't just post "blah blah bla take bubbles....blah!"

GiantEnemyCrab3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Yes, RPG Fan you should know that according to Spoon 1up are 360 fanboys. That is why they gave Too Human the lowest review score of them all..

You see whenever a 360 game scores good they are biased or payed off by MS.

GMAFB! You PS3 people need to get off the stupid paid of and biased crap! It's getting really really old now.

OnTopic: That is a decent score and what I expected for this JRPG.

@1.10: You want to remove his bubbles because he doesn't let trolls come in here and spread their negative FUD? While you don't contribute anything but ask to take his bubbles. He is in the right place while these trolls talking about other games and sites being biased are not.

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ThaGeNeCySt3764d ago

I better not see mediocre scores like this next week when IU drops

heyheyhey3764d ago

really hope this one makes its way to the PS3

it seems logical since the game isnt going to sell over 500k on the Xbox, unless Namco really IS planning an exclusive Tales game for each platform

even so, it would be great if the PS3/360 exclusive Tales games swapped platforms eventually so there would be more for everyone to play

lonestarmt3764d ago

not suprised. Not because its mediocre. Its seems awesome. JRPG in general gets a full grade lower than they should in the states unless its Final Fantasy IMO. Diseaga deserves an A, watch it will get mid B's. Most tales games are B+, well execpt tales of legendia, that wasn't very good.

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