1UP: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Review

Joe Rybicki from 1UP writes:

"Though I'm a big fan of the Tiger Woods series, I wasn't thrilled with last year's edition. The game packed in lots of new features, but the designers' tinkering had resulted in a clunky marriage of an unpredictable Hot Shots-style "three-click" system and an oversensitive analog swing.

Well, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 brings more tinkering...but this time, the planets appear to have aligned just right. The issues with swing sensitivity are answered with a swing feedback meter, which clearly illustrates any deficiencies in your swing. As you pull back on the stick, you see a little glowing trail in the lower left that shows exactly how steady your thumb is (most likely nowhere near as steady as you think). The instant feedback does wonders for those wishing to learn proper technique."

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resistance1003710d ago

I will be buying this year =D

MrWegman3710d ago

I need a Wii review of Tiger 09...