Hardcore Fan Spends $15,000 to play GT5

Some people are just insane about playing Gran Turismo 5 as realistic as they can. Super_fla on the gtplanet forums might have topped everyone. He decided to purchase a kiosk called GT5p which is something that you might see at a convention such as E3. As soon as it was shipped to his house he worked on modifying it and switching out the old steering wheel and adding a new one. When it was all said and done it set him back $15,000. If you thought you're the biggest hardcore GT5 fanboy - keep dreaming.


He won it not bought it. He also got to go to Japan to test drive a Nissan GT-R

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penguinhunter3765d ago

That guy is a rich retard...

PoSTedUP3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

a rich I3**** indeed

r2kcipher3765d ago

actually i am not rich!! i sold my real car for this. and soon after my wife left me. money does buy happiness!!

sonarus3765d ago

How is he retarded. The simulation experience the GT series provides is really second to none. I ALWAYS play with a wheel to enhance that sim experience as much as i can.

Lucky guy is what he is

hunter213765d ago

dang i want to have one of those.

PoSTedUP3765d ago

dang dont we all, i would like 15grand to blow also, id bet id put it to better use than that guy XD

hunter213765d ago

well 15grand is nothing to him . i guess...for me it will take me a year to earn that, but i rather use it on more pratical way. hes a lucky rich bast*rd

thebudgetgamer3765d ago

but i think my name says it all

plain rice3765d ago

Wouldn't make much sense to do that with Forza.

SpecialSauce3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

he could have BOUGHT a car with that money.

edit: NEVA MIND update says he won it.

Hydrolex3765d ago

I wish one day I play with him and own his ass without anything except a controller

Spread Butt Cheeks3765d ago

for 15k you could purchase REAL race car driving time. this is why you driods are crying for HOME. you need fantasy worlds to be happy. go out and get laid losers.

Dyingduck3765d ago

As usual, retard Xbot...

Even "IF" he DID buy it, don't be an idiot and assume he's a poor like you xbot with your 200 dollars ROFL crappy RROD console.

He's probably rich and already owned 5-6 luxury cars in the gargage - you know the kind of people that have no "limits" and who spend 1k-10k living at a hotel for one night?


And, HOME isn't a fantasy world, it's a social gaming outlet, SECOND LIFE is a fantasy world, learn your differences, moron, and go enjoy your LMAO KIDDIE WII AVATARS

spandexxking3765d ago

spread butt cheeks you fail hard check out the update hahahahaha!

Bangladesh3765d ago

This guy should immediately go kill himself. For $15,000 you could spend a week in Daytona driving a real race car on a real race track.

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Aeroglyphics3765d ago

You'd think if he can spend 15k on all that stuff he could have spent $50 more to mount he surround sound to the thing.

Elimin83765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I was thinking the exact same thing... sh!t by the way did he win it or spend money putting it together? I'm confused.... confusing article....

badkolo3765d ago

why not at least forza has physics in that game, this guy spent 15000 on a demo, yes gt5 prolugue is a demo, the guy who designed his room in a xbox theme was alright but this is cool yet retarted only becuase its a demo, and while pretty doesnt hold a candle to the physics in forza2

PoSTedUP3765d ago

forza2 doesn't have realistic driving physics whatsoever, your lying to yourself, GT has the most realistic driving physics ever in a racing game, even the professional race car drivers agree. forza2 is like an arcade racer with realistic customization and thats about it damage etc. but the driving physics are wack and its not even a real sim.

pwnsause3765d ago

if Forza has physics, then why is the automotive industry siding with Polyphony Digital with GT5 instead of Forza? they must of done something good to make the cars look and feel real.

plain rice3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

You consider Forza's arcade-style physics realistic? LOL

BTW.... I believe GT5P can be considered a demo, but this "demo" puts most full retail racers to shame. FACT

ThatCanadianGuy3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Here is a good example of how terrible forza is.

And a good example of the typical 360 fanboys

And this is GTP

pwnsause3765d ago

i mean the only thing bad about GT5p is that the cars still act like bumper cars cause theres no damage, but Polyphony digital is on it and they are bringing Damage on Either the next update or the Real GT5 Prologue.

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