LittleBigPlanet: Two New Levels Revealed

GameXtract writes "I'm loving this game each, and every time I see a new piece of content released. Not because its simply Sacboy jumping around, but how creative the developers are when creating the game. The level shown in the video below has got to be one of the most beautiful levels I've seen thus far. Not too mention the mouth chopping skeletons look mighty frightening, but at the same time a thrill to attempt. This trailer is a must watch! Video footage after the jump!"

"UPDATE: We have found one more video showing off a new level titled Meerkat Kingdom. The level looks to be in a Savannah like environment, and is quite dark. Check it out after the Wedding Reception video."

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Nitrowolf23739d ago

retty cool, can wait till october comes,

cahill3739d ago

people said next gen starts with MGS4


Next gen starts with LBP

mattkelly19913739d ago

wrong, "next gen starts when Sony says so."

Nitrowolf23739d ago

Next-gen did start with MGS4, LBP is just playing Beyond

hotshot1273739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

why does one game thats great mean another isn't next gen? thats stupid to say.

next gen started when the ps3 launched and mgs was the game to really just take advantage of the ps3. cuz to me, its like ur downplayin mgs and im not going to sit here and watch that happen no matter if your a ps3 fan or not

hazeblaze3739d ago

Wow, LBP just keeps getting better & better!

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cahill3739d ago

for this one

This is an endless game with endless possiblities

SpecialSauce3739d ago

really great game. those lvls are waaaaaaaaaaay to easy.

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The story is too old to be commented.