Finishing Old Games - Start Over Or Pick Up Where You Left Off?

MTV Multiplayer's Patrick Klepek writes:

"I don't always finish my games.

Sometimes it's because life distracts me. Other times, I just get bored. That's why I stopped playing "Resistance: Fall of Man," despite hearing praise from others about the ending.

On a recent Sunday night, however, I popped "Resistance" back in. I dropped "Resistance" only a few levels from the finish line. Instead of starting over, however, I picked up exactly where I'd left off.

It'd been almost a year since playing "Resistance." I have no sense of what's going on in the story, no connection to the characters and little recollection of how the weapons worked - a big part of the "Resistance" experience.

Did I make the right decision?"

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Brixxer6003738d ago

If it's been that long since i'd played it then i'd start again. No point in playing the game if you don't know what's going on and you feel detatched from the characters.

Born2BK1NG3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

I Start all over again, i havnt played my gamecube games in years, i just deleted all my saved files off the memory card today. Was stuck in metroid prime, havnt played it for 2years, was stuck in viewtiful joe, havnt played it in 4 years. I was even stuk in new super mario bros. for the ds, hadnt played it for 3 years, just beat it last month...kikikikikikikikikikiki kikikiki....HALA BAK!!!