New iPods on the way in September

New iPods on the way in September, according to Digg founder Kevin Rose
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Digg founder Kevin Rose, infamous for his predictions about future Apple products, has gazed into his crystal ball and announced that new iPods will be announced "in the next 2-3 weeks".

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bob12345673765d ago

I just returned my iPod Touch about few weeks ago, since I realized that the new refreshments of products were soon due.

The thing is the touch was amazing. I never seen anything like it... the touch sensitivity and acuracy were amazing. If I could wait about 4 more weeks for something even better then Its tottaly worth it. The touch is probably the first ipod that really made a major push in technology other then memory size wise. All the other previous models were just small GB increases, Screen size, and sleeker. After the touch came out im really looking forward to what apple can do next.

Buying the new touch revision for sure.

Danja3765d ago

I agree The Touch is amazing....but im willing to keep mine till The next Touch Iteration is out...^_^

Aclay3765d ago

I have an Ipod Touch (8GB version) too and really love it. Apple is the poster boy for releasing new products every year though, especially the Ipods, but I still love their products.

If the newer Ipod Touch is a lot better than the older version, I might just buy it, but if not, I'll stick with the Ipod Touch that I already have for another year or two.

aaquib53765d ago

Then I upgraded to the iPhone. I really wish Apple had just built in speakers and hardware volume controls into the touch.

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alster233765d ago

great now i want to get an ipod touch my friend let me burrow his and it was totally amazing. now i have decide between this or 3 games this holiday

f7897903765d ago

I'm sure you have something else that lets you listen to music. All the other features on there are gimics to me.

Pain3765d ago


lol to who ever just bought one XD

Its always expected that new things come out for School year. why u always wait.

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