Red Baron Arcade announced for PlayStation Network

Sierra whips up a neat looking WWI-era downloadable flight-combat title due out on September 18th, 2008. First info/trailer.

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Zerodin3764d ago

Isn't that the one where you play as the Germans, the oppressors of Europe?

cahill3764d ago

please stop posting in ps3 threads

why do want to be a fanboy?

perseus3764d ago

Nonono. It was really a conglomerate of oppressiveness. The English, Austrians, Germans, Russians, etc., were all pretty equally responsible for WWI, the stupidest war in history. Anyway France were the oppressors about 50 years before. Germany didn't become the real oppressors until WWII.

PoSTedUP3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

this looks 5times funner than blazing angles1&2.

looks pretty cool.

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^all my games so far.

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and a ton of PSN games : )

^these are the games im looking to get in the near future. GAME ON!

sorry for the off topicness : )

cahill3764d ago

I agree it looks better than BA

CaliGamer3764d ago

Really needs to release the provateer series on the consoles. I loved that series so much, always wondered why they never did anymore.

cahill3764d ago

Sierra is no more i guess

But atleast they had some decent IPS
I really liked Gabriel Knights

Cajun Chicken3764d ago

This looks quite good fun.
Heh, sort of reminds me of a strange mixture of the Crash 3 plane levels and Crimson Skies...

prunchess3764d ago

I keep hoping that they'll release a hd version of the game WINGS by Cinemaware on the Amiga. First person view dogfights! World war one planes! A really great game.

Maybe it'll be an option in the game?