Savage Moon – Coming this Fall to PSN

Daimion Pinnock // Producer, SCEA writes,
"Since July there have been rumors about a "mystery game that SCEA had up its sleeve." Well, it's time to put all that speculation to rest. I am pleased to announce that we will be adding yet another exciting downloadable PS3 title to the PSN lineup: Savage Moon.
Coming exclusively to PLAYSTATION Network this fall, Savage Moon is a frantic, action-packed tower defense game in a gritty sci-fi setting. You are tasked with protecting mining facilities from ravenous space bugs using some truly fearsome weaponry. And you'll need as much strategy as firepower as you fend off wave after wave."

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Splenda143736d ago

if you like Monsters then you will like this

UNCyrus3736d ago

that's what I was thinking...

Honestly, it looks like PixelJunk: Monsters meets Starship Troopers...

Kind of weird, don't you think?

UNCyrus3736d ago

I said that in the gamer's zone like 10 mins ago...

Anyways.. a combination of PixelJunk: Monsters and Starship Troopers would be more accurate...

UNCyrus3736d ago

PSN just keeps getting bigger and better...

Put another tally mark next to awesome exclusive that bots won't get their hands on