New PS2 Models Hitting US Stores

Multiple readers across North America have emailed to inform us that the new, slightly smaller, AC adapter-less PlayStation 2 systems are hitting U.S. retail outlets this week.

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dro3760d ago

will the ps2 ever die ?!?!?!?!

that has to be my fav system and the best system in gaming history.

gambare3760d ago

there are too much great games for it, and I still have half of my library untouched, that's a reason for me to buy another PS2 in case my other PS2 fails.

Genesis53760d ago

Guess they are going to take a run at 200 million units life time. Could they do that in a 10 year life span?

kwicksandz3760d ago

Silent hill 3, dragon quest, grandia 2,second sight,finishing FFX and FFXII... ill never get through my ps2 back at this rate

Microsoft_Spokesman3760d ago

That will be a gaming milestone. That will be so crazy. 200 million, just imagine.

sumfood4u3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

It would be even smarter if they added the Import Device I have in my PS2! so that way the can experience oversea's Japan games they rock as well on the PS2! I have New Alter Beast, Both School Rumble games, Kanon ect ect. All I'm saying is they should promote Japan games as well people are missing out on Unique BadA$$ Games on their system!

Don't 4get the DS is catching up to the PS2 Legacy!

shelbygt333760d ago

Who does not own a PS2. Really, I think I'm the only one. Had the PS1, then got the xbox, now I own all three systems and the psp.

I know there are lots of great games... but now that I have the latest and greatest, I find myself not wanting to go back. The only "old school" game I play these days is Black from the original xbox.

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3760d ago

...The PS2;) the KILLER of LOADS of other Consoles!!! ;-D
I might get another one!!!;)

ThatCanadianGuy3760d ago

Yep PS2 still going strong.

strotee3760d ago

You know what's sad? The PS2 might still be on the market when the 360 is discontinued and the 720 (I hate that name) is released.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

...when i packed away my PS1 when i got a PS2!!! :-(
(Excited tho when opened the PS2 box, and had SOOOOOOO many happy years with it to) ;-P
Same with the PS2 for the PS3 :-(
(Again...Excited tho when opened the PS3 box, and i'm enjoying it LOADS!!!) ;-P
Oh well you gotta move with the times!!!;)
(Unless your a xBox owner that is!!!) ;-D
(Sorry couldn't resist that one!) ;)

@strotee ;) I think M$ will call it xBox 4(Something)???
Because they called their 2nd Console xBox 3(60) to fool the public into thinking it was their 3rd Console!!! ;-D (HOW SAD IS THAT???)
Erm it didn't work!!! ;-D

I'm off now to play last years REAL GOTY...'Uncharted:Drake's Fortune'!!! ;-P

cmrbe3760d ago

this is another 2 years added to the PS2 life to achieve its 10 year goal.

This model will do very well in developing countries.

No FanS Land3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

I just don't understand why sony would release a new ps2 model. the only reason I've got in mind is that their strategy could be this:

ps2 for ps2 games

ps3 for ps3 games

The most relevant reason why sony chose to phase out the 80gb model and go with the 40gb. and surely it costs less to produce a ps2 and a 40 gb ps3 instead of one 80gb model. That's what I think.

Edit: Otherwise, sony is dumb on this one as they sould focus on making the ps3 a better gaming system because sometimes I honestly think that it's a better multimedia machine than a game machine.

TheColbertinator3760d ago

To be honest Sony should just go forward with a price cut to recap the losses of the PS3.Plenty of lower class consumers would rather pick this up than the Wii.

70-100 dollars should do the trick

Ju3760d ago

I am pretty sure a <=$99 will show up sooner or later. But it still sells well, for what it costs.

I just had to go back to my old apartment for a week and brought my old big PS2. Got "Black" for $19.99. Man, I missed out on that one until now. What a great game. Can't imagine the PS2 could do that. Still rather OK for a non HD TV set, I think.

I would still hope, they'll add a wifi and a bluetooth together with the DS3, so I don't need any cables and can use all my controllers on either the PS3 or the PS2. (won't happen, I know, but maybe get rid of the Ethernet port, and producing one controller for both, PS2/3 could compensate for the costs in doing so).

C_SoL3760d ago

...Perfect, sell it there then.........

juuken3760d ago


I love the PS2. This system rocks!

So does the PS3. :D

I have all three systems.

Sony FTW!

Nathaniel_Drake3760d ago

Yup the PS2 does still rock, I still have the fat PS2 from longs agos, and I remember the first game I got for it was Kingdom Hearts, good times!!! This new one is looking sweet, might get it if my PS2 fat fails which I don't think will happen

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