OXM UK: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Preview

OXM UK writes: "For all that superheroes are supposed to be mighty beings, unfazed by bullets, gravity, or sinister men in caves, they've been rather limited in their recent game appearances.

Limited by the very short amount of time in which they've got to be created to meet the release date of the associated film, limited by assorted approval processes, limited by the storyline of the film... the overall results have been more hackneyed than heroic.

So we're relieved to hear that Spider-Man: Web of Shadows doesn't have anything to do with the films whatsoever."

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Stickguy2593739d ago

Spiderman 2. I'm looking forward to this game cautiously. I hope it's good.

hallowethe3739d ago

I'm super excited for this game. I'm a Web-Head, I love the Spider-Man games haha.