Why your gaming degree may be a waste of time

Frank Caron Writes:

For many forward-looking students still chugging through academia in the search of something to love, gaming degrees can seem like the holy grail, as you get to learn about games on the path to actually making them. The truth is the industry is a much rougher place than it lets on, and some big names in the industry, including Sony, have spoken out against these academic programs.

Britain's Mail Online has reported that a number of the country's biggest industry members have warned against pursuing game-specific degrees. Jamie MacDonald, the vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe, said outright that he couldn't "remember the last time [he] employed someone from them." Britain's David Braben, of Frontier Developments fame, reiterated a similar sentiment, saying that he was "'shocked and surprised' at how little some graduates knew."

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