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First Screens of GTA IV's Graphics Engine in Action

To see the Graphic Engine that Rockstar plans to use in GTA IV for Xbox 360 and PS3 in action click here. That is right, their recently released Table Tennis game is powered by a new game engine called RAGE (the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) and according to some Rockstar reps in a recent interview on MTV this is also the game engine that will power future Rockstar games, including the much anticipated GTA IV for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Most likely character details will have to be toned down a bit in GTA IV to keep the frame rate smooth but it should still give a good indication of what to expect.

(Grand Theft Auto IV, PS3, Table Tennis, Xbox 360)

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Anerythristic26  +   3335d ago
Table Tennis was a graphics engine test run. You know if they would have advertised it as GTA4 graphics engine it would have sold better.
OutLaw  +   3335d ago
I just hope
I just hope they don't hit anybody with a paddle. WOW!! those graphics are exactly like my table Tennis.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3335d ago
i've played the table tennis game and the graphics are pretty much awesome, but not as good as FN3's. i was hoping for more from GTA4's graphics engine...
OutLaw  +   3335d ago
Also they have competition
They are going to have to do better if they want to beat out Saint's Row. I don't think none of us will settle for less.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3335d ago
well saints row doesn't have better graphics than this so I think Gta is fine, and it's coming out later, their game will be more polished on a more mature peice of hardware
MoonDust  +   3335d ago
Saints Row and Crackdown will be better. IMHO of course.
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Anerythristic26  +   3335d ago
Is this SSJ04, again it can't be? You really have to ignore these guys there like mosquito bites , stop scratching them and they go away faster.

Edit: On another note the PS3 fans are reaching critical mass!!! They are about to explode with envy! The HATERADE is flowing and thier glasses are full! If any PS3 fans cRacK and purchase a 360 I wanna know about it!
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USMChardcharger  +   3335d ago
if it is ssj, he forgot to double some letters for no apparent reason.
just report stupid comments like that as spam or offensive and move on.
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DG  +   3335d ago
Sony Fan
I wouldnt say I cracked but just got bored and knew that I wouldnt get one till at least March 07. Im happy (Hitman) with my 360 but not satisfied. Not yet. Im now an official sony/360 fan but a MS hater.I dont care if id does not make sense it does to me.
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Grown Folks Talk  +   3335d ago
the ssj04 list
ssj04...ps3lord...ps3willrule. ..gametime i'm sure there's more, just got to weed them out. gametime's profile saying he's from north america means nothing. you just choose it when you register. pretty sad when you keep logging in and out to post as different people to get your point across, and start clicking agree on your own comments.
Karibu  +   3335d ago
Some of those characters have nice hair, does it look good in motion or are they just static wigs??
PS360PCROCKS  +   3335d ago
yeah this is cool but this game is still 1 1/2 years away
shotty  +   3335d ago
Why do they call it xbox 1.5. So is it the ps3 really ps2.5. I think you just entered the gaming world with your ps2. Go read the article on this site about gaming history. Ever since the 1970s all companies did was boast the specs and sell the new system i.e ps1 to ps2 to ps3. With the xbox 360 you get a online interface that is simple to use, you can also download video which is a first. You can video chat which is a first, standard wireless controllers is a first, standard harddrive is a first, it's also the first console to display games in HD. And at the rate it's going it looks to be the first console to ever play movies in HD aswell. Now tell me what the ps3 offers that no other console does, nothing new I see. Every thing was a hack job and was badly copied from other systems. Now it doesn't even deserve the name ps2.5 it's more like ps2.01
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shotty  +   3335d ago
TO gametime
What part of NEW don't you understand:
-cell is an upgraded CPU
-rsx is an upgraded GPU
-Online is not new xbox has it already
-Bluetooth is another name for a wireless protocol which is already done by the xbox 360
-harddrive was already done by the xbox
-blu-ray is bacially an upgraded dvd player and the xbox 360 supports HD-DVD but Microsoft choose not to make it standard since only a handful of people would utilize it.

As we read your post it's obvious you're an idiot. You contradict yourself you claim the xbox 360 is just upgraded graphics however it offers all the feature that you mentioned the ps3 offers so according to your logic the ps3 is merely an upgraded ps2.
USMChardcharger  +   3335d ago
well really...
if you want to say which console was a first for HD gaming...really that was the first xbox. it was up to the developers to take advantage of that though. what a machine that big black box is/was.
USMChardcharger  +   3335d ago
only 5% of the population(US) has an HD-Tv.

and gametime, you don't have to call people idiots. you want last long here if you do.
Sphinx  +   3335d ago
I can't wait until I see the PS3 flop... I bought the 360 to play games, and I'll buy an HD-DVD player to watch movies... so what need do I have for a POS3? Ooh, I can play FF7 again!
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Anerythristic26  +   3335d ago
I think he is going to buy a stand alone player. Also I am not impressed with the Cell/RSX chips from all the bad press they get. I wish people would stop using those chips as an example of the PS3 superiority.
Sphinx  +   3335d ago
The Bluray is going the way of the Betamax and UMD... yeah, those were both HUGE successes... you're betting on a repeat loser of that field.
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Anerythristic26  +   3335d ago
Did you know that you can buy an HD-DVD player in Wal - Mart for 400 dollars! What will the Bluray player cost. Also is Wal Mart supportig HD-DVD? If they are, that is it for Bluray in the U.S. they can throw in the towel.
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shotty  +   3335d ago
To gametime
What car do you drive. I see you like the very best so what you drive a bugatti, 16 cylinder that cost you a couple million. Honestly gametime I'll tell it straight up your an idiot. You are going into financial bankrupty before your parents. You have to know every system that failed had it's most loyal followers that went down with it. Look at panasonic's 3DO it was released at today's price of $920 and it has all these fancy features and guess what it failed right away. Why because there were systems that offered the same features and was priced less, no one cares if it plays blu-ray, it's a gaming machine and if another machine before that better and at a price thats $200 less than guess which one is going to win. Do you own a psp, I'm assuming you do, I do aswell. It out clearly outperforms the DS specs wise in every department yet the DS is way more succesful than the psp. How do you explain that, well the DS is better at gaming than the psp and it is price less.
The Real Deal  +   3335d ago
Walmar is Selling HD dvd MOVIES and Players NOW
Its true. Walmart and Best Buy are already selling HD dvd movies and players. The movies were 24.99 and new releases on sale. The great thing is you can play the HD dvd movies in your regular dvd player untill you can afford a hd dvd player. Blu ray can't do that. So yes. Sony has ignored what made them successful. It never was great graphics. It never was online play. It was the Walmart generation of gamer. And now they have lost that in a big way to Microsoft and Nintendo.
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ps3willrule  +   3335d ago
actaully no bluray has 70 % support of film industry and production of makers so hd dvd is going down there biggest supporter was warner bothers bu there gone now...all the companies on hd dvd side support blu ray to its pretty much obviouse blu ray is going to win the reason y other people are delaying players is cause sony has royalties
shotty  +   3335d ago
True but HD-DVD doesn't have 30% support it has more. Its because there are movie studios that support both sides like Warner Bros, Disney. The 30% sony is missing is universal which is only with HD-DVD so movies like fast and the furious, born identity and the others will never make it to blu-ray. Sony's support will slowly fall like HP and Dell dropping exclusive support of Blu-ray and instead supporting both. But don't forget HD-DVD biggest supporter Microsoft that said that from day 1 windows vista will fully support HD-DVD and will include all the nessaray drivers and software to view movies off it and some HD-DVD creation tools. Intel the number 1 processor maker also fully backs HD-DVD. Sure Sony has the majority of movie studios but computer wise HD-DVD has clearly the majority support. Now that Microsoft has said that come this christmas and xbox 360 with HD-DVD add-on will be cheaper than the ps3. So sony can no longer argue that they have the cheapest next generation player because now microsoft has it.
Sphinx  +   3335d ago
Bluray is done...
The only reason anyone is supporting Bluray is because they are owned by Sony or are a sister company. Once the general public chooses the less expensive version, Bluray will show big losses and will then be abandoned like the Betamax and UMD.
shoota33  +   3335d ago
that is all a dream to you but face reality blu ray is superior and thats why it has go ahead and buy your dvd 1.5
OutLaw  +   3335d ago
AS for me
I'm getting a HD DVD. Not that I think it's better than Blu ray. But I just Can't see myself buying a $1000.00 player. Just to get the same type of clarity from a movie on a lesser expensive player. HD DVD for me.
GTProwler  +   3335d ago
Blu-ray is great and all, but its really up to the middle man to decide who is gonna win this format war, cuase any kid who doesnt pay a house, car, cell phone, utilities or any kind of other bill can easily afford it, but to somebody like me which i have a 350Z to pay, im happy with my 360, i dont need HDTV right now it wont kill me. I just play games, and seeing what PS3 has to offer, the 360 can give me the same at a much lesser price. Trust me im not gonna lose my Car for a PS3, No Way
Cyclonus  +   3335d ago
Initial Studio Support means NOTHING
Back in the day, Betamax had the support of nearly all Movie studios too, because the format was very anti-consumer. It didn't respect "fair use" and you couldn't record on it.
It was the CONSUMER who killed Betamax(with their wallets) by supporting VHS....the movie studios will always follow the consumer, not the format.
And if the people decide they like the price of HD-DVD players(starting at $499 vs. BluRay at $999), and they're happy with the PQ(HD-DVD looks AWESOME), then the studios will dump BluRay like a sack of sh*t.
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Moostache  +   3335d ago
While I tend to agree with you on some of this...
Betamax WAS able to record on just as easily as VHS. I know this first hand because I had a beta-player (made by Sanyo) and I was able to record movies on the format off of cable TV easily back in teh early-1980's.

I do believe that HD-DVD will win out, but I believe that because the media and more importantly the production costs of HD-DVD are lower. Which is the single biggest market in home video? Sci-Fi? Comedy? Rommances? NOpe, nope and nope. It is PORN. Poor production quality, cheap to mass manufacture PORN. The porn industry will look long and hard (no pun intended) at the two formats, they will flood the market with cheap HD-DVD porn and from there it is all over but the crying. They want the home video market to be ascheap as possible to compete with the flood of internet porn. The advantage they have is that a lot of people prefer to watch their porn on TV's in the bedroom and not on PC screens in the office. There is a big and growing market for big-screen HD porn, and HD-DVD has a better chance at being adopted there than BD.

You don't have to believe me, really, I don't care. But remember this when in about 5 years you read about it in the WSJ or NYT business section....
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Phytonadione  +   3334d ago
To 12.1
Who in the hell wants to watch porn in HD? Do you really want to have those stretch marks and implant scars in HD? HD is great for a lot of different programs, but when it comes to porn, the less "defined", probably the better.
The Real Deal  +   3335d ago
Sony Fan Boys Take Note
Microsofts brand xbox/xbox 360 has more games per console sold than any system in history. Including the 100 million ps2's out there. But no one knows how many out of that 100 million sold actually work? because its odd to me that Microsoft sold 30 million plus xboxes and over 5 million 360's thus far. But yet have sold more games per console. Think about it. The real gamers. The guys and gals with the money who actually play games, prefer the Microsoft products as the numbers of games sold per console would say. So if the bulk of the Sony fans don't even buy many games for their beloved system, why would they all pay 600 plus for a ps3? yeah the hardcore sony fan boys will buy it. But what about the other 99 million so called sony consumers that only buy one or two games in the life cycle of the system? Do they care about blu ray? Do they have a 1080p hd tv? Sony forgot that the bulk of their consumers are the Walmart Generation. Microsoft already has deep claims on the high end gamer and has since the original xbox. Nintendo will capitalize on Sony's mistake. 360 is a no frills game machine ONLY. Ps3 is a cheap blue ray player that also plays games. Thus the high price point. lol...its somthing to think about. P.S. I have 2 high end computers, 6 xbox 360's, Game cube, Ds, And a Playstation 2. And I had 4 xboxes that I never once had to replace but 1 ps2 that I have replaced 3 times since the launch. Besides God of War the xbox outperformed the ps2 so most of my money went on xbox games.
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Sphinx  +   3335d ago
What he said!
shoota33  +   3335d ago
me and everyone i know only had one ps2 since and nothing is wrong with xbox 1.5 fanboy go to the extreame and say oh i had to go thru 4 or 5 ps2's. stop useing this as an excuse of why xbox and xbox 1.5 got it ass kicked by 3x and still is getting wooped by ps2
there was nothing wrong with the ps2 after launch so you have to stop and think you cant leave your ps2 on 24/7 or maybe YOU just did not take care of it properly
shotty  +   3335d ago
#13 you are the real deal. But sony fans are dumb let them waste their money. I own a psp and I regret buying it, the only thing I use it for now is mp3. The software is a pain to get movies onto, and the games in my opinion suck. I'm going to try to sell it before they announce the xbox portable and the psp prices plumit.
Anerythristic26  +   3335d ago
Actually I feel that most XBox gamers are older or more mature and working. With Jobs comes more disposable income. I bet a company would rather have 30 million units sold to people that buy games whenever they feel like it to younger children that get a game on thier Birthday and a game for the Holidays. It makes sense.
USMChardcharger  +   3335d ago
the real deal
man you must hold some lan parties. that is a lot of 360's!

gametime...a local gamestop in my town told me this: since launch of the PS2, the sony rep has had to replace the demo system over 8 times because it breaks.
our xbox demo is the one that has been installed since day one.
The Real Deal  +   3335d ago
yeah we have fun playing the 360's. I have 6 of every multi player game. I have 61 inch Samsung Dlp in the living room with full surround sound and 4 Aqua Sharp 43 inch LCD tvs in the den. And 1 Samsung 32 lcd upstairs in my room. They are all connected to my 4 port router and 4 port switch with the comcast cable 8 meg internet connection. I have 6 gamer tags so we can all play online together as well as in house lan games. I'm the Real Deal. I have over 2000 dvd's. I work in the music business so money isn't an issue. I just love games.
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USMChardcharger  +   3335d ago
i hear ya
if i was in your position that's how i would do it...nice. game on my man, game on!

take note is a gent that maybe someone you listen too on the radio or gets those you like to hear in the studio.
my point nice (unlike gamertime) you never know who you are talking to online.
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halo4life  +   3335d ago
I have been telling people this for a year
no ones listens to me PS2 is a Casual system
PS360PCROCKS  +   3335d ago
11 your right pretty much, but we'll see if it fails before I say it sucks or will fail
kingboy  +   3335d ago
go to any bluray site and see the major movie studios and other companies supporting try praying 7 times a day so it fails which will not happend.
Sphinx  +   3335d ago
Wait and see...
History repeats itself, Sony's Bluray will fail, I hate to say it, but it is too soon for the Bluray, the general public aren't ready to pay that much for it! If Sony could only make it less expensive... but they can't, so it won't. Sorry, but I'll let you know how nice watching movies in HD is!
Bill Gates I Am  +   3335d ago
Oi oi, let's get this back on topic.

I hope to God that they have table tennis paddles as weapons in the new GTA game. Going around the city, whacking people across the head. Hearing wood hit wood. Niiiiiiice!
shotty  +   3335d ago
They might have a ping pong mission, that would be funny.
The Real Deal  +   3335d ago
Oh don't get me wrong. I don't think Sony will fail. But there is no way they could be nearly as successful this time around with the high price point due to the choice of using a 1x or 2x blue ray player. Sony would have dominated again if they wouldn't have used blu ray. I really think thats where they went wrong this time around. You have to think about their install base. Because they didn't when they made that choice. Microsoft is smart because they made it an option to get HD dvd drive add on. They realize what Sony doesn't. Most people don't care about high end movie playback. And if you do care...make it a choice rather than force you to spend 300 more for your console just to play high def movies. Think about it.
P.S. Sony fans....I have one question for you. Why do you think Sony has 100 million ps2 sold but yet sells less games per console than the xbox and xbox 360? Honestly. Microsoft has a record setting pace with the 360 right now. 5 games sold per every console. Sony is at 1 or 2 games per console. Could it be that Sony actually has more games sold per console if you discount all the ones that don't work? Honestly. Think about it. Because I don't know anyone who owns a Sony system and only has 1 or two games. Most people have a few. Makes you think huh?
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shoota33  +   3335d ago
ms is giving dvd 1.5 just like they give you xbox 1.5
omansteveo  +   3335d ago
Look at what you guys are arguing about a but of "Gamers" arguing about movie support this is exactly why i didnt like the idea of sony using their super popular game system as a trojan horse for their blu-ray technology...why are we arguing about movies instead of discussing games on a video game guys are the reason sony is doing what they are doing bc they know that they're millions of fans will back them no matter what which is why they show bogus tech videos and a tell you half-truths about they're system bc they know no-matter what if the ps3 only does half as good as the ps2 they walk away with loaded pockets and they sleep easy bc they succeded in what they were trying to do all along and thats making sure that sony pictures makes as much money as possible...sorry no puntuation just went nutz bc i hate this
Gamer13  +   3335d ago
Good graphics for GTA.
Can,t wait to see it in action.
Sphinx  +   3335d ago
GTA will be fun... but I'm wondering if Saint's Row will be better, doesn't matter if it is a copy-cat if it's better!
shoota33   3335d ago | Spam
shotty  +   3335d ago
gametime your life = ken k. 1.5
shoota33  +   3335d ago
shotty your life =Bill G. 1.5
Sphinx  +   3335d ago
1.5 is better than 1
I think Sony fanboys are proud of their recent education in the field of fractions... but I don't think they realize 1.5 is a 50% increase on 1. I'll make it simple: $1,000,000 compared to $1,500,000... or 3 testicles compared to having just 2... or having all ten fingers instead of just 7 and a half... I could go on if that still doesn't make sense to you.
Fuzz McDeath  +   3335d ago
Don't know much but,...
...There are currently almost 108 titles ( for HD-DVD, and 114 titles for Blu-Ray ( Seems like they are getting about equal support from movie studios (meaning, studios are supporting both until there is a clear winner).

Also keep in mind that Sony Pictures (which includes Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)
Columbia Pictures,Sony Pictures Classics, Screen Gems and TriStar Pictures), for obvious reasons, will not put any of their movies out on HD-DVD). 26 of the movies on the Blue-ray list are from Sony themselves. This means that, technically, HD-DVD has more support from the other movie studios (108 to 88 movies).
shoota33  +   3335d ago
your an idiot dvd 1.5 does not have more suppoort.just because they have almost as much movies at the time does not mean they have more support it just means the one or two studios that they have are putting out alot of movies that they made.blu ray insn even out yet and has more movies than dvd 1.5
OutLaw  +   3335d ago
If what you say is true
The only reason I say if true is because I couldn't get those links to work right. But if it is true than buying a HD DVD right now should be a no brainer.
Fuzz McDeath  +   3335d ago
Here's those links again: and
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The Real Deal  +   3335d ago
Blu ray or HD dvd...Think about it.
Something else to think about. Every company could support blu ray. That doesn't matter folks. Remember one fact...The consumer has to buy it for it to work. lol...So when your average Joe or Grandma or Mommy goes to Walmart and see's a blue ray player for 1000 dollars and a HD dvd player for 400 dollars and she or he asks what is the difference and the guy at walmart says " Well they both play HD movies and look the same. What do you think MOST people will buy? lol...Better yet. When you can buy an HD dvd movie right now for 24.99 and play it on your dvd player right now untill you have the 400 to get a hd dvd player which do you think the walmart generation will buy? Blu ray movies start at 39.99 on I went to best buy and the guy on the floor told me that exact thing. He told me the only difference is blu ray holds more info but the movie quality is identical. 600 dollar price difference and you can't justify it to the average consumer? lol...Now put all this into context. Movie studios see that there are many more hd dvd players sold over the next year than blu ray. What do you think the movie studios will do then? 60 out of the top 100 movies are confirmed for the hd dvd player already. More Movie studios doesn't mean more big movies. Sony fans/ Blu ray fans...just stop and think about it. Think about the average walmart consumer and you can see clearly who will win the video game and hd player wars. Its business 101 which sony has failed this time around.
#24 (Edited 3335d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Phytonadione  +   3334d ago
Blu-ray vs HD-DVD
Do you really think that HD-DVD will come out on top against Blu-ray (though there is the good possibility that both fail)? And if so, would you be willing to make a friendly wager regarding the outcome? I already asked another person these questions, but sadly never got a reply. I'm just thinking that people will talk a lot of sh!t without thinking it through because there are no consequences when interacting on the web (unless you're into kiddy porn...). I think that Blu-ray will come out on top and am willing to bet up to a grand on it. Obviously the outcome of this wager won't be decided until a couple years from now, but we could have a 3rd party decide when that period should be. $1000 shouldn't be too much for someone in the music industry, eh?
Fuzz McDeath  +   3335d ago
Few more thoughts.....
Me? I will buy neither an HD-DVD or Blu-ray player for a long, long time. I have over 500 dvds that look smashing on my 400 disc dvd changer to my 50" hd-tv.

And when I do, it sure as hell won't be some chinzy game console player either.I'll get a stand alone player when a clear winner is determined. Remember, a lotta people had $1000.00 betamax players collecting dust in the 80's. People who watch movies on their game consoles are losers anyway, as the picture quality is vastly inferior to a stand alone player. Anyone that's ever watched a movie on a PS2 knows that the quality is about that of a $60.00 Wal-mart DVD player.

PS2 had a great advantage becasue it had a DVD player (a format that had already been standard for 2 years) and kids wanted a game machine, so parents figured "hey, I'll get my kid one that plays DVD too". But in this case, the parents don't even have a Blu-ray player in the living room yet, so there is no way that will be incentive to get little johnny a $600 toy...

Just my 2 cents...
The Real Deal  +   3335d ago
You got it right. All people have to do is stop...relax..and think about it. You can't argue common sense.
shoota33  +   3335d ago
Your wrong when i was at a bestbuy i seen this kid maybe he was like 7 or 8 years old and he told his mother he wanted ps3 and she asked an employee how much it cost and she did not care and she said he could get it for chrismas.everyone loves sony and there products no one wants xbox 1.5 and dvd 1.5
Fuzz McDeath  +   3335d ago
Well gametime, you are indeed a scientist...
...Because your research is a flawless example of the scientific method - one example of anecdotal evidence and you've proven a universal truth! Blu-ray and PS3 is the uncontested winner!

Strange though? Neither Blu-ray nor PS3 aren't even available in stores yet? But HD-DVD and 360 are? Perhaps your theory is flawed....

Let's try this one, here are the results of my study: "One time I was at Circuit City and 5 trillion kids asked their dads for 360s and HD-DVD players, and their dads all said 'Hell's Yeah!'" Hmm, strange, my research proves that proves that HD-DVD is superior....sheesh
#25.3 (Edited 3335d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
USMChardcharger  +   3335d ago
i almost passed out on that one...funny.

i think we may be debating with a child though.

hey, gametime...i see your comments are already getting removed. i see you are from the you are not ssj. he did like you, always calling people names and now he is banned. If you have too many comments removed, i would think the same fate would await you.
WATCH YOUR FREAKN LANGUAGE!! and show some respect because we are all gamers. you can still argue your point.
zypher  +   3335d ago
half of you losers make me weap for supporting Sony for 10 years. the other half of you losers make me want to retch after considering i just spent $435 on a XBox 360. you ALL need to grow up and stop living in the self-deluted, idiotic world of fanboyism. Sony/Microsoft would just as soon shovel their own sh*t than to actually care about you, withstanding the $ you contribute to their coffers with your supposedly educated, severely lopsided idioms of who's better than who. impartiality is a wide, more diversified realm of gaming. its where TRUE gamers share alike in the abundance of good games (the Halo's, the MGS', the FF's, the GOW's, the Mario's etc), free of the delusion of trying to stay loyal to loyal-less Sony/Microsoft.
The Real Deal  +   3335d ago
Are you that little kid that asked your mommy for a ps3 and she said she will get it for you at christmas? lol...All your postings that makes no sense now all of a sudden makes sense. Just remember are one of the few kids that has a mom that will spend over 600 dollars for you to get a ps3 as a christmas present. Most consumers aren't as rich as your family. Just be happy and hope it doesn't break on you 6 months and 1 day after Christmas. And yelling about how much better Sony is than Microsoft won't get Ps3's sold. Just remember it all starts with great games. If game companies have to pay more to devolope a game for a system that doesn't have a big install base due to high price point. Guess what happens to your Christmas Present. It becomes obsolete and then next Christmas your Mom can buy the the 360/Halo 3 bundle.
#27 (Edited 3335d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
shoota33  +   3335d ago
did your daddy buy an xbox 1.5 and it burned down the first day you got it.ps3 will sell the most and have more developers whether you like it or not
Fuzz McDeath  +   3335d ago
Nice one Real....
...He is that little boy. But we should feel sorry for him, because deep down inside he knows that his mommy will buy him anything...just to get him to go away and leave her in peace :)

BTW, to 26. I'm really not a 360 fanboy. Just hate it the ruse that Sony is trying to pull with the PS3. Forcing a new format on people so they can make even more money later. 'Sides, I just like grief mindless children like Gametime.

Sony's been trying to own a big media format for years and have a chip on their shoulders. Could care less what the customer wants, they wanna tell us what we want. For example, Blu-ray can hold more data than HD-DVD? So it can have more "bonus content" Big deal, if I'm not mistaken, the vast majority of DVDs sold are full screen ('cause most people don't have widescreen tvs) and (when available) are the bare bones (cheaper) versions with no "bonus content" (cause most people don't watch the bonus stuff anyway).

Its a scam. If I could get a PS3 without the added expense of a Blu-ray player, I would be teh first in line to pre-order. But since I know I will eventually buy a stand alone HD-DVD or Blu-Ray player and to pay a premium for one I won't use in the PS3 - no way - they can kiss my arse.
OutLaw  +   3335d ago
Gametime that was a funny story LOL
Now here is reality. Mom I want a PS3. well How much is it? $500 & $600. ARE YOU CRAZY!!! Then can I have a Wii.. Well how much is that one? Only $200. Okay thats more like it. The End
Bill Gates I Am  +   3335d ago
The sh!t-bowl section is the other way.
Sphinx  +   3335d ago
I love it!!!
HAHAHA!!! I'm going to own a 360 and a Wii... oh, and an HD-DVD player. That's my choice, you make yours, and as long as we are both happy, who cares!
pumped_gamer  +   3335d ago
Actually Gametime...
More developers are jumping over to xbox360 side because of the lower cost of developing for the 360. On the other hand the PS3 is hard to deveop for and expensive...thats what im hearin...sorry to make you look bad but the truth must be know...
The Real Deal  +   3335d ago
Let the Truth be told. At E3 Madden running on the 360 looked and played spectacular. But on the ps3 it was horrible. And thats coming from IGN Ps3 site. Ps3 is a mess to program for and costs over 1/3 rd more than the 360 to program for. Microsoft does a good job getting the devopers the best tools to utilize the system. This whole industry is based on if your system has the most units out there/costs to develope games.
joemutt  +   3335d ago
The Real Deal is right,
Would you rather work at McDonalds for $6.00 an Hour, or work at McDonalds for $9.00 an Hour?

They are doing the same work, just getting paid less to do it for the PS3. I would be switching to 360 too.
The Real Deal  +   3335d ago
Over 5 million 360's sold....Thats with Demand not meeting supply yet
I'm curious. Which games are you looking foward to that are PS3 exclusives? lol...There are only 2 exclusives as of now. And you would really spend 600 plus dollars for a couple games? Well, I would. lol...But not your average Joe Gamer that shops at Walmart. And thats what we are talking about. PS3 not having the big market share...thus not aquiring big name exclusives as they did last Gen.. lol....Point made. Sony has its work cut out for them this time around. Which ever platform reaches 10 million first will be the winner of all the Great game support. Here are all the Great games out right now for the 360...
Perfect Dark
Moto Gp
Hitman Blood money
Table Tennis
Battlefield 2
Tomb Raider Legend
Far Cry Instincts Preditor
Elder Scrolls Oblivion
The outfit
Burnout Revenge
Fight night 3
Dead or Alive 4
King Kong
Project Gotham Racing
Need for Speed
All the Major Sport Titles

Those are all titles that got an 8 or higher on IGN

Upcoming titles that release before the PS3
Lord of the Rings RTS
Dead Rising
Ninety Nine Nights
Enchanted Arms
Splinter Cell
Blue Dragon
Test Drive
The GodFather
Just Cause
Gears of War
Phantasy Star Universe
Brothers in Arms
Call of Duty 3
Need for Speed Carbon
WWE smackdown
Alan Wake
Mobile Ops
Winning Eleven
Alone in the Dark
Saints Row
Just Cause
The Darkness
Forza Motor sport
Fable 2
Ncaa Football
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Rainbow Six
Too Human

You get the point. Thats all without Halo 3 which was the highest selling video game. over 6 million.
##? (Edited 3335d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Moostache  +   3335d ago
Even though I won't be getting a PS3, I agree to a point....
I don't think the real argument in the public forums around the internet is about whether or not SOME people can and will afford the $600 (or $500 if it makes you happy) PS#.

There is no doubt many will do just that. The real truth is that Sony fanboys like to crow about the PS2 selling over 100M units and "dominating" the industry (even though it has been pointed out that the games-attach rate on XB and Xb360 is much higher than PS2 or presumably PS3). They love to shout loudly about "Owning" or "Pwning" or "dominating" or "winning", bu twhat they never talk about is the reality of what happens when a console starts off its life cycle as a $600 machine.

The PS2 launched at $300 and now sells at $130 (a 43% reduction over 6 years. The PS2 is still selling pretty well because of this lower price, but it did not sell all 100M units at full launch price. It probably sold about 1/4 of the total at that price and the rest at various reduced prices ($249, $199, $149, etc.).

What happens with PS3? $600 is flat out not going to happen in the "mass-market". You may choose to spend that money, but don't think that you are common in that regard because you are not. Many, many, many middle class families won't spend $600 COMBINED on all of their Christmas gifts, so the very notion that there will be a glut of people buiyign the $600 machine at Christmas (even if it WERE available, which it will not be due to production shortages)will not materialize in 2006 nor in 2007.

Then you start to see the price reductions. XB1 started at $300 and eventually reached $150.
PS2 started at $300 and eventually reached $130.

XB360 started at $400 and will likely reach $200 before the end of 2009.
PS3 is starting at $600 and will likely never be sold for less than $250.

Why is that important? It isn't really, except for the fact that it does not bode well for Sony's "dominance", "winning" or "pwnage" of the games market. The simple reason is economies of scale - they will never reach the price points of the original PS2 sweet spot - $199 - when MOST of the PS2's in existence were sold.

Technology aside, fanboys aside, the economics of the PS3 simply do not work. Sony is already losing a ton on each box at launch (by some estimates up to $400 each!!!) - that makes it even harder to cut the prices of the hardware. All of the "value comparisons" and other nonsense I have read from fanboys on both sides (arguing about processors and graphics and CPUs) all miss this fundemental truth = the winner is whoever comes out of the fight in better financial health and lives to fight another round. Which company is going to emerge from this spat in better shape - Sony (losing billions on hardware and vainly attempting to also fight an optical media war on the games front) or Microsoft (losing some money on hardware, but having controlled costs better to avoid huge losses again - like on XB1)?

Clearly, completely independent of sales volume or units sold or units shipped or fanboys claiming "pwnage" - Microsoft is better positioned at this point to live to fight another day. Sony is hemmorraghing cash on all things PS3 and that is in addition to an already weak home entertainment division. The really funny thing is that MS "wins" even if they only maintain the status quo from the last generation of hardware because in the process of defending that margin (if they even CAN at this point, which I seriously doubt), Sony is mortally wounding themself.

Long term, PS3 matters so much more to Sony than XB360 to MS that its a joke.
GamerMan  +   3335d ago
Moostache and realdeal
1st Moostache There is some very valid points you made there and I don't disagree.
I don't disagree about Sony Fanboys crowing too much and I would add that MS fanboys are just as bad... Just like in the workplace always someone to ruin a good thing.
There are plenty of people that don't know how to read or read too quickly and miss the point.

I'm honestly avg joe. I drive to work and straight home cause I'm broke like rest of american workers that are in out of jobs cause of the market but gaming is gaming and if you find something you like car, gaming system, or whatever you will do what you can to get those things in life as a hard working person.

I probably will get first batch if one in stock if not I can wait.

2nd real deal any game I can get for the PS3 and my PC I don't consider a Xbox game I consider it just a game. I still have my Snes and other older systems because of 1 or 2 games I really like. Well FF series and GT I like. Assasins creed I can't comment on just cause of rumors it may go to the other systems but that is one I like. I no I must be weird but my gaming style has never been any FPS. I'm into RPGs and MMORPGs. Oblivion I have for PC no point for Xbox. I do however prefer a console with keyboard on MMORPGs cause then I feel everyone is seeing the same thing on a lvel playing field, but I can't consider that a good reason since I said if it can be played on PC theres no point. I'm purely a gamer. I feel comfortable with the PS/PS2 controllers cause thats what I been using for the past 10 years and have the hook up for my pc to us it on games for PC but again that is personal preference just like games I like.

Sports games are a dime a dozen.. I will only play those on a console, I have a hard enough time with them as it is. Well golf and basketball I do well with.

The Xbox 360 is a great system ... I never have knocked it and won't. It's just not what I want. It clearly has what most everyone on these boards want in their gaming system and I'm very happy for ya.

I'm getting PS3 for my personal reasons cause it has what I will use in it regardless of how other people feel about it including (everyone gasp now) the BD-rom.

I'm only answering the way I know how and that is with how I look at gaming.

Din't buy the PS because it was the best, Didn't buy PS2 because it was the best nor the rest of my gaming systems yes including my waste away Sega dreamcast. Bought each system for the games I found that I like to play on it. Not brand recognition or who told me what system was best.

Anyways ... I will try to keep my rants to a minumum but when I come in here and try to get true opinions on the subject I get stupid people like SSJ04 and his alts and then other XBOX fans just as bad bashing making it hard to get a clear cut non-bias opinions like adults should discuss each system, game, and or piece of hardware that comes out. I care to an extent but everyone here isn't average joe. According to my coworker we are all dorks ... lmfao.
The Real Deal  +   3335d ago
Well, it sounds like you are a gamer. There are many games that you can only get on the 360 and not the PC or PS3. Gears of War, Fable 2, Forza 2, Too Human, Ninety Nine Nights, Dead Rising, Project Gothem, Kameo,Chromohounds, Saints Row,Enchanted Arms, Blue Dragon, Test Drive Unlimited, Just Cause, Dead or Alive, Viva Pinata, Alan Wake,Mobile ops, Halo 3, and many more that aren't on the PC and haven't been announced for the Ps3. And most importantly its fun to play on xbox live and relax on your couch and play games that look as good or better than PC games with maxed out graphic Cards. If you have an HD tv you get 1080 x 1920 resolution....Most PC games don't even give you an option of that high of a resolution. Then you factor in dolby digital surround sound if you have that in your living room. Let me tell you. Its visual candy and ear candy that PC's just don't match for certain games. I know for a fact that if you played the 360 you would be pleasantly surprised. And once the ps3 comes out get that as well. Both systems will have its share of exclusives and 360 has a lot more to offer than shooters. But its your money. But from reading what you typed...I trully believe you would totally enjoy the 360. Whether it be the ease and fun of xbox live...or the wide variety of high quality second generation games. Its a risk to get the ps3 right now because they are banking on blu ray. If blu ray fails...which it is likely it will...The mass media market is focused on price not quantity. And the quality is the same for blu ray and Hd its going to be hard to justify to the average person to spend 600 more for a blu ray than for hd dvd. Think about it. Its not that complicated really. But good luck in your choices. Just don't limit them. You are missing out on some Real Fun..
##?.1 (Edited 3335d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Pip4lyfe  +   3334d ago
Some reasons to buy a ps3 i don't see why you all are knocking it, not every sony fan does it to 360 it just shows that your not mature.

PS3 Exclusive (-)
PS3 and PC (*)
May be multi-platform (+)
Uncertain of it Development or lag of Information (^)
BOLD Titles mean recently added

Playstation 3 Exclusive Titles:

-Afrika (Confirm)
-Angel Rings (Published by Sony)
-BladeStorm: Hundred Years War (Confirm) (Information)
-Coded Arms Assault (Confirmation)
-Devil May Cry 4 (Confirmation)
-Eight days (Sony Production)
-EyeDentify (Published by Sony)
-Fatal Inertia (Confirmation)
-Fifth Phantom Saga (Confirmation)
-Final Fantasy XIII (Confirm)
-Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Confirm)
-Formula One (Published by Sony)
-Full Auto 2: Battlelines (Confirmation)
-Genji 2 (Confirmation)
-Gradius (Confirmation)
-Grand Turismo 5 (Published by Sony)
-Gretzky NHL (Published by Sony)
-Heavenly Sword (Published by Sony)
-Hot Shots Golf 5 (Published by Sony)
-Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier (Published by Sony)
-Killzone 3 (Sony Production)
-Lair (Confirmation)
-L.A Noire (Sony Production)
-Metal Gear Solid 4 (Confirmation)
-Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam World (Confirm)
-Monster Hunter 3 (Confirmation)
-Monster Kingdom (Published by Sony)
-Motor Storm (Published by Sony)
-Naughty Dog (Working Title)(Sony Production)
-Ni-Oh (Information)
-Ratchet and Clank 5 (Published by Sony)
-Redwood Falls (Information)
-Resistance: Fall of Man (Confirmation)
-Ridge Racer 7 (Confirmation)
-Shin Megami Tensei (Confirmation)
-Silent Hill 5 (Information)
-Tekken 6 (Confirm)
-The Eye of Judgment (Working title)(Sony Production)
-The Getaway (Sony Production)
-Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (Sony Production)
-Virtual Fighter 5 (Confirmation)
-WarDevil Enigma (Confirmation)
-Warhawk (Published by Sony)
-Wizardry (Information)

Playstation 3 and PC:

*Endless Saga (Confirmation)
*The Wall (Confirm)
*Unreal Tournament 2007 (Confirmation)

Playstation 3 PNPS Arcade:

-Flow (Confirmation)

Random Japanese Titles:

^Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu (Information)
^Generation of Chaos VI (Confirmation)

Uncertain of it Development:

^Final Fantasy VII (possibility)
^God of War 3 (possibility)
^Kingdom Heart 3
^Makai Wars (possibility)
^Monster Carnival (possibility)
^Shadow of the Colossus 2 (possibility)
^Socom 4 (possibility)
^ Sly 4 (possibility)
^Zone of the Enders 3

Uncertain Titles (May be multi-platform):

+Assassin's Creed
+Big Time Revenge (Information)
+Castlevania (Information)
+Fatal Frame (Information)
+FIA World Touring Car Championship
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THELANDSOFSAND  +   3334d ago
yay, a bunch of crappy japanese games no one has heard of!
The Real Deal  +   3332d ago
What makes 360 Next Gen?
The Hardware
While the original Xbox functioned fairly well, it wasn't exactly pleasing to the eye. Microsoft went to two design companies to make sure the Xbox 360 was visually impressive for gamers across the world. The end result is a console that can stand vertically or horizontally, and looks more like a high-end electronics device than a gaming console. In most people's eyes, that's a good thing.
The front of the console features two memory card slots and has 3 USB ports. You can buy an adapter if you need more usb ports if needed easlily turning 3 usb ports into 7 usb ports. The premium bundle comes with a detachable upgradable hard drive that sits on the top of the console when it's positioned vertically, and on the left side of the console in its horizontal position. Compared to the original Xbox, the 360 is actually about the same size. In addition, it's heavier than it looks. Similar to how the Dreamcast was much heavier than it looked.
You can power the console on and off via the wired or wireless controllers for easy access. When the console is running, it is easily one of the most quiet consoles we've had the pleasure of using. With no other sound in the room, we had to strain to hear the soft hum of the Xbox 360.
The Dashboard
The original Xbox dashboard was rarely used. Unless you were adding friends to your Xbox Live account, or changing your audio and video settings there wasn't much of a reason to go there. It didn't help that the only way to really access the dash was by powering on the console without a game. This will not be the case with the Xbox 360, as the dashboard is something you'll probably be using quite a bit.
First and foremost, you can access the dashboard at any time. There are two different versions of the dash. You've got the dash tab (as we've come to refer to it as), which is accessed by pressing the Guide button on the Xbox 360 controller. This will automatically pause your game and pull up a tab covering about a third of the screen. From here you can access your friend's list, send and receive messages and view the players who you've recently played over Xbox Live. You can also start up a private chat session with anyone on your friend's list, change your personal settings, access the custom soundtrack feature included in every 360 game, or exit out of the game and head to the full dashboard.
Once you've entered the full dashboard you'll be met with four tabs: Xbox Live, Games, Media and System. The Xbox Live tab is just like it was on the original Xbox, only much better looking and with the ability to access the XBL Marketplace. The Marketplace allows you to download free game demos and trailers or purchase gamer card avatars, dashboard themes and Xbox Live Arcade titles.
The Games tab is your one stop shop for everything having to do with Xbox 360 games. You can view your achievements, recently played games, access Xbox Live Arcade, and check out demos and trailers. The Media tab provides access to music, pictures, video and your Media Center PC. Finally, the System tab grants access to your basic system functions. This includes changing any system settings, network settings, parental controls, and memory management.
The Xbox 360 is all that and a bag of chips. With every game supporting 720p (1280x720) or 1080i (1080 x 1920)It's very difficult to find a flaw in Microsoft's grand plan for the next generation of gaming. From Xbox Live Arcade to remote power on to integrated custom soundtrack features, from the vision camera, and HD-Dvd drive add on. It really does seem as though Microsoft has all the pieces in place for a successful run with the Xbox 360. Of course, the console is nothing without great games, but looking at the E3 lineup of all the exclusive games scheduled to hit in 2006 and beyond, the Next Gen machine isn't doing too shabby in that regard either. With Live Anywhere there will be over 100 million gamers connected online. Then with Microsofts Revelutionary XNA toolset coming out later this year, the games will look drastically better than anything we have seen thusfar. Sony, the ball is now in your court. And from the delays and lackluster E3 2006 lineup...You are definately fumbling at this point with only a few months to go until your launch.
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