Resistance 2 Goes Berserk

Kotaku writes,
"Insomniac Games' Ryan Schneider walked us through an extremely informative PowerPoint presentation on the developer's next game Resistance 2 at the Leipzig Games Convention. While we had foreknowledge of the majority of what Mr. Schneider talked about at the Con -- 60-person multiplayer, 8-player coop, Resistance 2's campaign storyline and its focus on bigger, badder battles -- he also touched on some of the first-person shooter's finer details. A deep-dive, if we're going for hip PowerPoint lingo."...

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cahill3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

so many ps3 games to chose this Fall --Resistance 2/LBP/SOCOM and Motorstorm 2

Resistance 2 will be huge in reviews, size , quality and SALES

I predict 5million for 08 and 10m lifetime

EDIT : why disagree people
PS3 has an awesome gaming lineup for FALL. undoubtedly the best. Motorstorm 2 will IGNITE PS3 sales into FLAMES this Fall. R2 will be a worldwide hit

By the way _--"over 160 medals, Trophies and ribbons" ----MEGATON

i did the same too. My PSN will be on fire when LBP is launched. U will see lot of new levels from me. I will give u guys my ID. Hopefully my levels wont be ignored cuz there might be millions

UNCyrus3764d ago

hahaha, why have to choose? I preordered all four of them! o.0

Kleptic3764d ago

still holding out on Socom for now...haven't seen enough yet...everything else is day 1 for me though...Motorstorm PR looks absolutely ridiculous...

the problem is the time though...with that many games all at once I won't put nearly enough time into each that they deserve right away...

Sevir043764d ago

while i do agree with you that the PS3 has a killer line up, and it will sell well, and resistance 2 will likely sell favorably well.

Saying something as outlandish as restsiance 2 selling in the upwards of 5 million in 2008, unless you mean fiscal year 08 because that doesnt end till march 31st 09.) even then those numbers dont really seem possible when games like God of war only managed 2-4 million in a span of 3 years i believe how ever that in a month it will have already topped the million mark. perhaps in the first 3 weeks,

keep in mind that none of these games have the halo effect, for final fantasy or even metal gear gran turismo sell effect.

Gears of war being the 360s second highest selling exclusive tops of at 4.5 million and it's been outfor 2 years come this fall. if games with massive marketing behind them can only sell so so little in a span of 2 years... and then just stop selling chances are sony titles no matter how big they are aren't going to break the five million mark unless it's a game everyone appeals to.

I know you are a diehard PS3 fan, but please make the rest of us look sensible Resistance 2 will sell well, as well as Motorstorm, and Socom. but it wont sell anywhere near that mark at least not in 08 or 09 for that matter, by 2010 Motorstorm:PR and restsistance 2 will have likely sold 4 million but nothing more.

as well as Socom because those titles while they are popular genres they dont have mass market appeal and all ages appeal like LBP which with hi buget and pristene marketing and deals with other medias will probably be the game this fall to sell 5 million and thats only if it's marketed the way I would like Sony to maket the game and time it with a well thought out and strategic price cut to onset the mass media appeal the game already has.

so please think smartly, you make us ps3 owners feel stupid reading your hi end one console vitriols

still though i agree with Sony having amazing fall and their games performing well just not that well.

jwatt3764d ago

Who thinks LBP might be the biggest selling ps3 game?

cahill3764d ago

I do.
all of LBP/Motorstorm 2/Resistance 2 will easily hit 5 million by the end of this year

and perhaps 8-10 m lifetime

Motorstorm 2 will do 3m-4m this year and 6-8m lifetime
Just be reminded that there will be around 20-22m ps3s by the end of the year

Elimin83764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

You choose when your pocket is about to take a major hit or if it's gonna make you broke as hell....

UNCyrus3764d ago

yeah... this holiday season is going to be one of those times... with all of these games coming out, and on top of them, Bioshock, CoD:WaW, and VC... I may have to get another job just to pay for my gaming addiction

solidt123764d ago

Like I said before, this going to be my online game for a long time when it comes out. Thing is I still have choices of other great games to play online like Warhawk, LBP, Socom, the next Call of Duty and Killzone 2 next year so I don't think I will be bored for a long time. Oh yeah and Fat Princess is gonna be cool.

mirroredderorrim3764d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

But, you should PR for Sony.

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Mr_Bun3764d ago

Can't wait for this...I am surprised that when they comment on the buzzsaw weapon, they didn't reference Ratchet and Clank seeing as that is one of Insomniacs titles and is probably their inspiration.

cliffbo3764d ago

@at Mr Bun. you noticed that too. that is a deliberate attempt to make people believe Insomniac stole the idea.

Mr_Bun3763d ago

Yeah, I never thought of that...totally makes sense now.

UNCyrus3763d ago

frankly, I'm impartial to where the idea came from as long as it is in working order and kills people effectively in the game :D

BiggDaddy3113763d ago

You are both wrong about the buzzsaw gun. Insomnic stole the idea from the greatest movie ever.... Arnold Shwarzneger's COMMANDO.

"Wait Matrix! you said you would kill me last"
Matrix: "I LIED"

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Fishy Fingers3764d ago

All sounds great, like the new gun "Splicer", I believe there was a similar gun back in the old UT days. Might be wrong.

"over 160 medals, Trophies and ribbons" That should keep you coming back if the awesome gameplay doesnt ;)

Kleptic3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

yeah there was...the original Unreal had sounded awesome on paper...but in practice it felt like one of those plastic spring loaded guns that shot little plastic discs all around your house...

In fact most of the guns in the original Unreal game made me question if Epic hired Nerf for the weapon design...

Fishy Fingers3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

LOL! +1

Vicophine3764d ago

UT98 - The Ripper :( R.I.P

Kleptic3764d ago

awesome...I hope the buzzsaw thing is thing I would have liked to see in Resistance 2 was significantly more gore...I know that makes it sound like I am sort of a freak, but I find it more appropriate in shooters like this that are not focusing on realism...its more arcade action, and using some guided saw to 'Gears of war' some dude sounds like a lot of fun...

Killzone 2 definitely stepped up the gore with the move to guys apparently fly apart from C4 and the ribbons of blood have seemingly doubled from bullet impacts...Resistance 2 so far though seemed almost tamer than the first game imo...change that...give us more crimson...

cahill3764d ago

since it is a big name in Japan too.
The first R1 sold 200,000 copies in Japan.
This one will sell either same or more

UNCyrus3764d ago

whoever disagreed with cahill is out of their mind...

This game is going to be hands down a 5x better game than R1. With much more lasting power in the deep 60 person multiplayer, this game will keep people playing it for years down the line. Not only that, but this is a 5th gen game on this console now... rather than the first which was a launch title.

cahill3764d ago

There is no denying that R2 is the Biggest and Baddest Fps this gen TILL DATE

as for the disagreer u know them --XBOTS

Mr Bot3764d ago

i have to make a confession: we the bots r dying to get Resistance 2 and if it will be a big hit and sell more than gears of war 1.4 then we will commit a mass suicide!!

Mr Bot

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fafoon3764d ago

Berserk for Resistance 2

cahill3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Resistance 2 will sell atleast 5 million copies worldwide in its launch week


It is launching in Fall-Xmas season
atleast 4m is possible

However i wont be surprised if it exceeds 5m
It is launching to a base of around 17-18m (during its release)

UNCyrus3764d ago

@ cahill

bubble for you... keep up those Nostradamus-like predictions and PS3 will MURDER xbox360 this holiday season

lodossrage3764d ago

Yeah it will sell and sell HARD. It'll even move some consoles. But 5 million in its first week might be asking for too much man.

UNCyrus3764d ago

yeah... I'm not necessarily saying that he's right with his prediction. However, I would like to see it come true. With the 60 player multi's, the more the merrier is what I say :D

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