GC 2008: Castlevania Judgment Trailer

Konami published the first Castlevania Judgment trailer. Enjoy.

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PS360WII3766d ago

looks like it has plenty of special moves

N4g_null3766d ago

Been watching this game closely. Maria is pretty powerful though and they have not shown all the characters yet. They seem to pull this off pretty easily though the the polygon count is pretty good along with most of the art. The action seems to be on point and actually is a mix between a zoomed in power stone and rival school to me. That reminds me rival school needs to come out on the Wii seriously. Another thing is I think this game got delayed it's so Motion+ has to be put into this one. I'd rather them get the attack system down in 3d and then go for a 3d full blown adventure game. I like the fact they have attacking extras on here also. If they can include stages from the SNES version and even some of those bosses they would have a true hit on their hands.

Most people are giving the art direction a hardtime though. I was use to the old school simon and most people are not really connected to the new version no matter how know the manga artist is.