Superhero Games We'd Love To See Rocksteady Make

Now that the "Arkham" series has concluded, Rocksteady Studios can focus on the future. It's believed they're working on a Superman title, but let's think about other characters they could make a game around.

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reaperman849d ago

Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow. Using the cast from tv series to voice the characters.

OpieWinston849d ago

I'm a massive fan of what Berlanti and others have created (Except Arrow, it's really hard to watch that show these days) but it'd be a lot of micro managing to make that game work. Rocksteadys safer when they have more creative freedom.

PistolsAtDawn849d ago

I've been saying they need to make a Green Arrow/Flash game forever, I'd love it...esp if they had a Wayne Manor and/or Arkham Asylum Easter Egg.

MachuchalBrotha316849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

Well seeing as they did a great job with Batman, why not a proper Superman game or some Justice League love...or a Suicide Squad game..oh yeah

jb227848d ago

Pretty sure that's what is in the cards. WB Montreal set up a Suicide Squad game throughout Arkham Origins & Rocksteady set up a Justice League game throughout Arkham Knight. It seems like a pretty safe bet that those devs will be tackling those games. I'd expect a reveal of Montreal's Suicide Squad as early as E3 with a release either this holiday to coincide w/ the movie or early 2017 at some point.

The_Truth_24_7848d ago

Squirrel Girl. Anything else is not worth it.