GamingNexus lists What games Lucasarts should be working on

The Star Wars franchise is one of the most popular IP's in the world but Lucasarts really isn't doing everything they could with the franchise. The folks at GamingNexus have put together a list of games (and what platforms they should appear on) that they think Lucasarts needs to get working on ASAP.

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BlackIceJoe3759d ago

Out of the list I would want to see a new Knights of the Old Republic and a new Tie Fighter game. But to me at least I want LucasArts to go back to the old classic games like Monkey Island. I so loved when they made there adventure games. So I would love to see what they could do with them in this day and age. LucasArts could even bring them out on XBLA,PSN & WiiWare too.

Siesser3759d ago

Can't agree; the industry needs Monkey Island back again. Think of all of these poor kids who have no idea what it means to play a game that's supposed to be FUNNY.

Then again, given all the knee-jerking being thrown around at Heavy Rain's gameplay, maybe the populace can't handle a game not focused on racing, shooting, or jumping :(

Cajun Chicken3759d ago

Three words, one number...

Eiffel3759d ago

Battlefront 3, its really crap they gave the project over to Free Radical, should have given it back to Pandemic they were the originals behind one and two.

And as everyone knows Free Radical can't make a good FPS let alone a TPS like M. Night Shyamalan can't make a movie without twists.

Force Unleashed seems promising.
although giving duel mode to the wii version is one of the dumbest marketing moves in gaming I've seen yet and not even having a good excuse as to why.

Aswell as KOTOR 3 thats been rumored to sprout wings and hit the shelfs of our local game store some time soon.

dachiefsman3759d ago

KOTOR III/MMO should be put to the forefront after the SW:FU is released.