Battlefield Bad Company: Reinventing Geo Mod

Along came a spider with its deadly "bite" that turned mega structures into "frost" aiding its fight. EA Digital Illusions CE built a game and an engine that would not only rival the legacy that was left behind by the erstwhile Red Faction but also provide a key turning point in the genre of first person design and gameplay.

Battlefield: Bad Company arms players with a certain Private Preston Marlowe, recently assigned to the 222nd Battalion, also known as B-company, who are basically a cross between mercenaries and the U.S. army, the point of difference being these guys are dropped first in the line of fire so that minimum number of casualties are ensued when the G.I. Joes on the official payroll enter into the field of combat.

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sak5003734d ago

After playing BF:BC and its destructable (however limited it maybe) there is no turning back. I can't even imagine going back to other fps now. I hope all devs of future fps/3ps would consider DE in their games.

RAM MAGNUMS3734d ago

it has the best sound in a first person shooter!
that said; I gotta let dice know that the online connection is a
problem! The sound cuts out, I get freezing that pauses the gameplay for
almost 30seconds & WTF with the mic problem?!
this game is great & all but it needs some serious patches because its
getting to be unplayable! I just don't understand whats the hold up?

Dark SeRaNADE3734d ago

Damn! sounds like a ps3 problem!

uh oh! Dark SeRaNADE made a "joke" against ps3?!

Ive spread out my arms, awaiting the disagrees and other attacks! ;)

Worth it! :D