Naruto dev: Sixaxis tilt control 'useless'

From "Sixaxis tilt control is "useless," according to the producer of forthcoming PS3 Naruto exclusive, Ultimate Ninja Storm.

"Speaking to GAMER at last week's Games Convention, producer Hitoshi Matsuyama confirmed that Ultimate Ninja Storm won't support Trophies, before nonchalantly dismissing Sony's motion sensing control system.

"We're not supporting Trophies," Matsuyama said through his translator.

"And before you ask, we're not supporting Sixaxis. It's useless," he added.

"He then proceeded to wave the controller about in a jocular manner, to highlight the unsuitability of motion sensing control for the game."

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Jamie Foxx3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

its ok for simple things like the balancing in uncharted,controlling helipopters in gta etc

but its nowhere near refined enough to control driving games comfotably,and why would you need it in fighting games?he didnt really need to bring up sixaxis because the interviewer never.

and why no trophy support? he really seems to have a distaste for ps3

trophies made me go back to uncharted replay value dude

@below..motorstorm with sixaxis,your a better gamer than me i prefer it with the sticks

SpaZaA3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I play Motorstorm with 6axis control, set to MEDIUM, the regular setting is too touchy. It responds beautifully. High Velocity Bowling shows how good 6axis can be used. I expect WipeoutHD to be fantastic with it. (people who have played it said it works extremely well)

But for the Naruto game? Well there's no real reason to use that feature, thus it's rendered "useless".

I'm sure many devs have said the same thing about the Wii controls, and for THEIR games they may be right, but for other games the controls work great.

Guess what, different games have use of different controls.

And yeah, the guy seems like a bit of an ass, although some of the interpretation may be lost in translation.

PoSTedUP3759d ago

the sixaxis in that game is INCREDIBLE (and its a fighting game!) totally EPIC.

SpaZaA3759d ago

I don't know about better gamer bro.

But I do think you should give it a shot specifically for MS. But make sure to try the "medium" setting. I found it made the game a lot more intense myself. I hope they keep it in MS2!

Trophies are a loss to the devs themselves, I don't think they realize how much re-playability it gives games. Just look at the increase in players for SSHD & Uncharted. I asked on the Sony blog for them to publish some numbers about how the sales jumped for SSHD post-trophy release, but the silly buggers haven't. I think the numbers would speak for themselves and many devs would rethink patching the trophies in.

It would take a little time to patch for some games, but I think they would be able to sell a lot more copies in the long run.

kindi_boy3759d ago

i really enjoyed it alot in Folklore.

NewYork2143759d ago

i agree with postedup. heavenly sword has the best motion controls. they could make a game just out of the shootin missions and i would buy it.

kevnb3759d ago

has to go to Folklore hands down. The motion controls in Heavenly Sword were simply just ok.

kapedkrusader3759d ago

...nontheless, I think the dev is wrong in saying that the sixaxis is useless. Naruto is not just a fighting game, it's also has a storyline where you run around all the villages and solve puzzles, jump rooftops, swing from cables, etc. Many of these actions can use the sixaxis well. I'm not surprised he didn't add trophies though, he also disregarded to add online play to the game, which will hurt it's replay value. It seems that he is missing out on many opportunities to make the game better than it already is.

StephanieBBB3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I can list acouple of things that would be awesome with sixaxis in the upcoming naruto game.

Finisher move with sixaxis shaking ínstead of button combination mashing - Which ever player that shakes his/hers controller the fastest gets/evades the finisher.

Rasengan power up with sixaxis - Just Shake the controler untill the power up meter tops off when using Rasengan and you blast off thru the enemy.

Shuriken manual steering with sixaxis - much like steering a warhawk or anything else for that matter.

Advanced combos with sixaxis - Instead of just mashing the circle button you shake the controller after the third tap and by so unlocking more moves.

If you think outside of the box it's not so hard to figure out some nice ways to implement sixaxis.

Kaneda3759d ago

Heavenly sword and Motorstorm worked great with motion sensor... when you don't know how to do it.. just shut up..

sonarus3759d ago

Motion control is nice when it isn't forced. Like i kinda like it in MGS4 when you use it to peek out of a dustbin.

Hsword six axis use also added to the game instead of taking it away. Sixaxis is cool in small doses. Uncharted balancing on the log sixaxis use is also very very nice and if tomb raider doesn't do it i am seriously not going to buy. All the sixaxis stuff in Ratchet and clank was also excellent

Bubble Buddy3759d ago

Love the SIXAXIS in Warhawk, You can steer the warhawk by motion so you can have a full control of shooting with the analog sticks. Same with Resistance when some one tags you with the Bullseye or you catch on fire. It works fine if you are smart on when and how to implement it in.

Milky Joe3759d ago

that for things like steering cars or planes, I find the SIXAXIS tricky to handle (there is no resistance so it's easy to over cook the movements). But I completely disagree that it is useless. It's perfectly suited for little things like tilting grenades on uncharted or waggling Sackboy's head on LBP. It's these little things that really add an extra layer to the game. When used sparingly and sensibly, SIXAXIS is terrific, when used for the sake of it, it falls down. You've just got to be clever with it.

athlon7703759d ago

I couldn't agree with your statement more! Even its use in R&C: TOD was also sparingly used and worked quite effectivly. This guy has a bug up his whatever to be saying something like this about a platform he just created a game for. I wonder if he was being pushed to add sixaxis support or something and couldn't figure it out.

No FanS Land3759d ago

IMO ratchet and clank had the best motion sensing controls yet.

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Aclay3759d ago

The Motion Sensing Tilt controls aren't useless, they just aren't useful for the Naruto game. I mean, Naruto is a fighting game so obviously there isn't much use for Sixaxis, anyone could have figured that out.

The Motion Sensing controls work very well for a lot of games, but it wasn't meant to be used in all games.

PS360WII3759d ago

True, fighting games are not the best to use motion sensing

meepmoopmeep3759d ago

yeah, motion sensors are useful dependent on how you utilize it in your game. generalizing it as 'useless' is wrong.

Overr8ed3759d ago

Agreed its useless for some games and useful for other games.

TresTrendu3759d ago

Well until they use it right in a game then it is useless. Sure heavenly sword was probably the best it has been used, it was far from tight and it was just here and there.

Chubear3759d ago

Developers need to stop blaming everything else for their short comings with their own creative talents. If you're not that skilled to implement interesting gameplay then that OK but don't go tryin to diss it just cause YOU dont' have the talent to do soemthing interesting with it.

Cenobia3759d ago

Actually Folklore used the sixaxis motion controls the best. I didn't even use the sixaxis for Heavenly Sword because I found it hard to be precise.

Folklore is definitley the game that has utilized sixaxis in the best way. It isn't just tacked on for the hell of it. It's actually a fundamental part of the gameplay, and it works.

Ju3759d ago

I enjoy it a lot in Blazing Angles (II, which is much better tuned then in the I.). Its a bit more challenging but also more fun.

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hunter213759d ago

off topic: "i think" for now the trophies are not that being appreciated by the 3rd party developers but once home begin to release in public, they will realize that trophies are important to make there games more great.

Marceles3759d ago

Useless or not, it's there if a dev feels like trying to being creative. It's not like they have to use it but at least the option is there.

The interview makes it seem like the guy hates everything though.

"I hate Sixaxis it's useless! I hate useless trophies! I hate babies...especially happy babies! But at least the game is shaping up nicely.....I still hate babies though."

Fishy Fingers3759d ago

Sounds like he's throwing his toys out of the pram.

Either way, I appreciate that it's uses are limited, but "useless" is a complete over exaggeration. Certain games have used it very effectively and some even based completely around it, Flow for example.

Darkiewonder3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

But NUNS is a fighting game. i don't see how SIXAXIS can be used unless you want to shake the controller to build up chakra energy or block attacks. that would be more of a gimmick then a feature for the game though. [so he may really mean useless for their games and not really mean others]

Fishy Fingers3759d ago

Oh I agree, I fully understand that in certain situations the sixaxis is rather useless, but he should specify that point, not just label it as useless as a whole. "in Naruto we found the sixaxis function to be useless" for example.

Darkiewonder3759d ago

It may just be a mistranslation from both side is all.