OXM UK Review: The Incredible Hulk

OXM UK writes: "Who would have thought that Marvel's dark horse would produce the greatest cinematic tie-in ever - a perfect blend of Ninja Gaiden's button-bashing action and Assassin's Creed rooftop-leaping freedom?

If only that was the case. But now that we've got your attention, stick around for the next 300 words and we'll try and make this review of a rehash of every single sandbox superhero title in existence as painless as possible.

So why so bad? Well, firstly The Incredible Hulk takes the exact blueprint of Spider-Man 3 - using an artistic interpretation of New York city as a sandbox environment - and lets you roam around freely. Waypoints are dotted around the area if you want to activate storyline-specific events or mini-games. If you don't, well, there are army forces and invading secret organisations to tackle..."

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