Kotaku Preview: Here's How Heavy Rain's Controls Work

Quantic Dream's David Cage walked Kotaku through a Heavy Rain demo at Games Convention last week, giving them a taste of how the game actually plays. While much of the presentation touched on facets of Heavy Rain's "rubber band" storyline and little things, like motion captured eye movement, Cage paused often to talk up the PlayStation 3 game's control scheme.

Kotaku has already written about the driving game inspired character control -- the R2 button moves her forward, with the left analog steering her head and shoulders -- so now they focus on how everything else is done.

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Hellsvacancy3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

and if u havnt played Fahrenheit u should go do so now its GREAT

chaosatom3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

The last scene was crazy, pressing button at the same time, as they are fighting.

I felt the plot was good, but then there was little to do something outside of story or explore and the room were not so big in size. I wish i could control the camera sometimes.

I wanted HUGE Environments and much better exploration element outside of the plot, and I am thinking that's what I am going to get in this game.

I want what GTA wasn't able to deliver. A good Storyline.

Fishy Fingers3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

The control scheme has me really intrigued. Having played Fahrenheit I have a rough idea but Id like to see what they manage with the etxra polish and experience.

I really like the little touches like having to hold a random selection of buttons when hiding in a cupboard etc, it really helps you to feel a connection with your on screen character, both of you stuck, forced to hold uncomfortable positions together. (SPOILER maybe) Another good example of this can be found in MGS4 at the finally with the triangle button. People who have completed it know what I mean, you feel like you and Snake are really "connected" at that moment. You suffer together.

Cartesian3D3762d ago

totally agreed mate..{spoiler} pushing Triangle button faster and faster to reach the end, I didnt expect pushing one button will connect you to a virtual character that well..suffering more and more till the end..

its just ART , to making a scene like that..

one of the reasons that MGS4 will be GOTY

PimpHandStrong3762d ago

any of the games ppl are comparing this game to

so for me

it will be a first

i was playing Echo Chrome the other day and i realized something

Sony made the PS3 controler into a rubix cube!!!! Its crazy

it hurts my brain thou! So strange and hard

Kleptic3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

wait...this game was written off as sucking just last week because people who never played it (or any of QD's original entries) said the QTE stuff would never work, is not fun, and overall sucks...

this article contradicts that...I simply don't know who to believe anymore...all kinds of people on this site tell me how stuff sucks but never got a chance to play it...then someone does play it and says it works surprisingly well...who has the credibility around here?...

in all honesty though last weeks trailer did leave me a little looked fantastic, but did nothing to show anyone how the overall gameplay would be layed out...nice to see that it is coming together nicely...

Fishy Fingers3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

IGN wrote an excellent preview, that nicely describes the control scheme. Now I'm not saying you should "listen" to them, the only person you can trust is yourself or at most your friends who know you. Either way it's helpful to get a mix of opinions and impressions, IGN is a good place to start so heres the link if you fancy a read.

Chubear3762d ago

It was the same Kotaku that wrote a horrible article about this game's gameplay mechanic but they completely contradict themselves weeks later.

This the new gaming journalism. It's all a big joke and only a disgusting "hits on my website" game. There little accurate info for the gaming community now.

These sites only do things that they think we'll bring them ad $$ via hits even if it mean rating MGS4 an 8.2 or 5 or something ridiculous.

Marceles3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

"We definitely look forward to going hands-on with the PlayStation 3 controller whenever Sony decides that's something it wants us to do."

lol...I'm not sure if Sony wants them to

Sony: Here you go Kotaku

Kotaku: Thanks...(barely touches controller)

Kotaku: Flop.

DavidMacDougall3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Yeah i dont trust kotaku with the ps3

I might have to get Fahrenheit iv never played it good thing i got a 60gb

CViper3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

so i guess they are trying to drive hits from the ps3 audience. I'd be careful if you are a ps3 person finding interest in their site. They are sure to post flamebait sooner or later.

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