New handheld console announced : The Wiz

Game Park Holdings (GP32x, GP2X) just officially announced their new handheld - The Wiz!

"The most interesting thing is the Flash Player (Flash 7.0 compatible) and the planned release of commercial games. It has a LiIon battery built-in - and finally a place for the stylus! And a nice OLED display. If everything works as planned, it will be shipped in mid October. "

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DavidMacDougall3433d ago

WAit ..wait a min as in the Whiz wireless out of GTA4?

Darksaviour693433d ago

lol, no its a new console from the people that made GP32 and GP2X

Chubear3433d ago

But I am interested to see their offerings for this handheld.

micro_invader3433d ago

Yeah, I was thinking that too, "Whiz wireless. Do the social vibe" lol :P

princejb1343433d ago

idk but is it me or it has no buttons
it only has 2 d-pads, and where are the analogs?
dam dreamcast emulator i guess il have to wait for pandora

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Raoh3433d ago

it looks interesting...

Zyklon-Breath3433d ago

I don't think it will do to well.
My honest opinion.

Bnet3433433d ago

Dude I think that's everyone honest opinion ...

SaiyanFury3433d ago

It may not do that well in North America, but it's obviously done well enough overseas that they're releasing a third iteration of their handheld console. I just looked at the GPX2 and looking at it's features, I'm thinking about picking one up. Of course it won't replace my PSP or DS but just that it can play DivX and Xvid videos makes it a worthwhile addition to my hardware library.

nineself3433d ago

Naming a console after the act of urination may have worked for Nintendo, but something tells me that lighting won't strike twice in this case.

Sitdown3433d ago

"wii" is an act of urination? I must have missed that..

Sitdown3433d ago

has a child development center....and she teaches kids to use correct terminology. When I have kids....I will follow the same course.....which will not be for another 2 to 3 years.

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The story is too old to be commented.