Tabulator: Comparing the PlayStation 3 SKUs

So, you know how this works. Sony releases yet another PS3 SKU and, suddenly, you're tasked with keeping the entire lineup in order. Which one comes with HD compatible cables? (Spoiler alert: none). Which currently shipping model has PS2 backwards compatibility?

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PimpHandStrong3766d ago

i didnt read this but the PS3 has one SKU right now


and anyway

The only difference in any of the SKU's other then the 60GB is harddrive size

EVERY PS3 sold is the same!

you can even upgrade to a huge harddrive for cheap

jerethdagryphon3766d ago

backweards compatability and cpu die is diferent

rbanke3766d ago

Since the new 80gb and the comming 160gb are the same unit with different hard drives. I think it would be a smart next step to simply eliminate the 80gb and reduce the 160 gb price and stick with 1 sku from now forrward.

BadBoyGreeko3766d ago

i'm from uk my new 80gb sku is cechm03 how come its not listed.. anyone know if this sku has 65nm rsx...?

AuburnTiger3766d ago

I wonder where the MSG4 bundles fit in

Conan9973766d ago

Its exactly the same as the motorstorm bundle except it comes with MGS4 instead of motorstorm

and a dualshock3 instead of a sixaxis

this is the one to get! get them while they're here

No FanS Land3766d ago

that's what I got. And don't forget it comes with a pain voucher.

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The story is too old to be commented.