Jagged Alliance Officially Announced for the DS

Rumored in a release list back in 2007, Jagged Alliance DS has come to fruition and is planning a 2009 release.

Though details are scarce, the press release was quick to toot the original game's horn, released in 1994.

Jagged Alliance is an explosive fusion of a role playing game mixed with turn-based tactical combat, allowing gamers to become fully immersed in their characters. A new generation of gamers will be invited to liberate the Island of Metavira in the nonlinear game play that made the 1994 original so popular amongst gamers.

"Jagged Alliance provides an exciting blend of RPG and turn based action, which has already won fans and accolades worldwide. The time is right to bring its frenetic battles to Nintendo DS and allow a brand new audience the experience the exhilarating game play." commented, James Spice, VP of Marketing for Empire Interactive.

"Jagged Alliance DS is one of the many forthcoming highlights in our new release pipeline and this announcement augments Empire's commitment to bringing quality titles to a global market," said Clive Kabatznik, CEO of Silverstar Holdings. "The title will prove to be a truly entertaining experience for DS gamers." -- Press Release

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floatingworld3766d ago

DS is actually starting to fill out its future lineup after a pretty anemic year or so.

I'd rather have a Fallout 1&2 rerelease, though.

Alexander Roy3766d ago

Nice! JA2 was one of my favourite games, a few years ago. Let's just hope they can get the DS version out quicker than JA3...

floatingworld3766d ago

Well screens and a date are promising!

kwicksandz3766d ago

I loved fallout tactics and the previous JA games so ill get this for sure. Is it an original game or a port of one of the previous JA games?

tiropitas3766d ago

i really wish they made a new one for the pc.

floatingworld3766d ago


The original DS rumor that cropped up in a couple release date lists was reportedly a remake of Jagged Alliance 2 Gold. The press release was vague on the details, but that seems likely?

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