'Dead Space' Surprise (MTV Game Diary - August 26, 2008)

MTV's Stephen Totilo writes:

"A "Dead Space" disc showed up at my desk yesterday, without warning and with a half-finished press release that still contained information about "The Simpsons Game." I'm used to getting games early. But a late October horror game arriving in my hands in late August? That surprised even me.

Too bad my Xbox 360 review console won't read this "Dead Space" disc very well. It shut the game off last night, claiming a dirty disc error, only about an hour into my time with the game."

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rogimusprime3766d ago

for being off topic, but you work for MTV and they can't get you a new console in the interest of breaking exclusive preview action?

Sounds like their investing in too much reality garbage to take their video game coverage seriously.

Tila Tequila.....CRAP!

DavidMacDougall3766d ago

Do they ever send out half finished ps3 games so reviewers can try them ?

edhe3766d ago

You do realise that dead space *is* a ps3 game don't you?


DavidMacDougall3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

He said his Xbox360 failed on him . I was just wondering if they give out ps3 versions of these ?

And yes i know its multi

kazuma3766d ago

dead space will be awesome, i'm counting on it...if not, heads will roll :)

Kratos Spartan3766d ago

your a moron. just because he got a DRE doesn't mean anything. silly fanboy

Kratos Spartan3766d ago

both you guys are just plain idiots.

ThePhantomDisagreer3766d ago

And obviously none of them read the article as he clearly states that it wasn't the systems fault... The poster just chose the extract that he knew would cause most flame-comments since 80-90% of people on this site never care to click the "Read full article" link.

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The story is too old to be commented.