PlayFactory: PS Eye Games for the PS3

The PlayFactory range of titles encompass six individual games developed for the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation® Eye for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Release Date is to be announced.

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DolphGB3710d ago

We need more reasons to use the PS Eye.

LBP will bring some functionality, but in terms of games there hasn't been enough support for the Eye yet. With EyePet at least a year away, this will be welcome (as long as it's good!)

kapedkrusader3710d ago

...could've been so much better. I hate how much light I need to be able to play Eye of Judgement. My apartment looks like a frickin' photo-shoot stage when I set up to play.

Tarasque3710d ago

Loved with what they could do with the camera, they just don't make enough games for it.

rickjames3710d ago

a ps3 eye game where a guy was talking to two girls on the game and theywere interacting with everything he was saying?? it was a preview b4 the ps3 ever came out and i have yet to see anything about this

barom3709d ago

Ya it was called Eyedentify and was rumored to have been quietly cancelled. I hope not though, it looked interesting though I'm wasn't really sure what it was.

masterg3709d ago

I'm still waiting on the first 3D shooter using face reconnection from the PSeye to make the screen move in 3D. That would be an evolution in games. We saw a small demo about a year ago.

Imagine playing a shooter and ducking for cover behind your couch and shooting with you fantastic finger... LOL .. that would be priceless.

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meepmoopmeep3710d ago

i'm glad Sony is continuing to support the Eye
i bought it mainly for chat though.

Harry1903710d ago

that cool interactive xmb they showed using the PSEye. I expect that around 2010.

KillahCam3710d ago

what Interactive XMB are you talking about does anyone hav a video?

Siesser3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Here you go. Would be cool if they actually reach this level of accessability and interactivity...the EyePet is already matching one of the clips shown.

Mc Fadge3710d ago

Where are you?! EyeDentify as well!

Jellzy3710d ago

Yeah EyeDentify was a game that showed so much promise.

How about releasing another couple of EyeToy Play's, but for the PSEye instead?

Casual party games aren't only subjected to being played on the Wii.

Back were the days when the boxing, and olymics were done on the PS2, and were just as enjoyable, if not better than there WiiPlay counter-parts.

AIi_The_Brit3710d ago

Poor xbots

i think micro$oft forgot they even HAD the vision camera haha

mine is still in its wrapper i dont want to use that piece of sh*t

PlaystationEye is brilliant with loads of games out for it and loads more planned

(EyePet FTW!)

its good to see sony support all there hardware and games 100%

DevonTheDude5353709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I own the Vision camera and I completely agree. The only great thing about the 360 camera is that it gives the blade menu's a cool water rippling effect. Kind of wish the PSeye did that.

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