N-Europe Review: Pool Party

N-Europe reports:

''Heard of Pool Party for the Wii? Chances are if you're reading this, you haven't and this may be the first time you've heard it. It's a game that completely went under the radar and will likely be continuously overlooked. The title was first released over in the US last September and released early last month over in Europe. With very little text to translate it makes you wonder what took so long. Perhaps there was some debate as to whether the game should be inflicted on gamers here...

Pool Party unfortunately does very little to impress the casual gamer, which is the market the game is trying to appeal too. When loading up the game you get a few options to choose from, naturally single or multi-player. Once in the Single player section you can select from a variety of modes to play such as Pool 8/9/10/15 balls, straight pool, rotation pool, black jack, full snooker, short snooker and finally killer. That's pretty much what the game has to offer. Of course you do have a few options to customize things such as the environment, table, ball sets, cues, characters, songs and table speeds. That's the entire game summarised meaning this review will be rather short compared to others since the game can be summed in a matter of sentences. With the basics over now it's time for the controls.''

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