Game Focus: Too Human Review

Game Focus writes: "Too Human has a strange place in video game history, it is one of the few games which has been in some sort of design and development for a decade, but only in serious development for since 2004 (not 1998 as many believe) which has finally been released. An Xbox 360 exclusive title this game has seen some major controversy over the last year with the developer Silicon Knights suing Epic Games due to their experience with the Unreal Engine 3.0, it was unable to live up to Silicon Knights expectations. If you wish to know more on this lawsuit between Silicon Knights and Epic you can Google it and find a ton of information on it, we will not mention it because the lawsuit really not important to the overall game review.

If you tried the demo that came out during E3, you know the game has much potential, but it is flawed. I say the demo is good, but it is also a bad demo because it failed to show much of the great higher level in game content and of course the enjoyable multiplayer co-op gameplay. So if you did not enjoy the demo, take a look at the full game."

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leon763761d ago

8.6??????????????? What the hell? Who in the world will give this sh"ty game this score...This is overrated! This game is like minus 4/10! F"ck this jackasses!