SF4 producer tells Ed Boon: 'Bring it on!'

Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono has responded to Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon's recent comment that MKVSDCU will "kick" Street Fighter IV's "ass" by saying "bring it on!".

Ono-san issued the rebuke in an interview with from Leipzig Games Convention. But he also welcomed the competition, saying that if the Midway published title can convert comic fans to fighting game fans, then "the more the merrier".

He said: "You know what, if they can turn the comic fan into a fighting genre fan, the more the merrier. If they can kick our ass, so be it, bring it on! We're in the same team as far as we're concerned so if they can do it, great."

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3736d ago

I personally think street fighter would destroy MK. MK has "god" characters but If they are constantly getting their butts kicked by mortals they can't be that strong. The SF characters are almost as strong as the DBZ characters.

jahcure3736d ago

Vegeta will pwn Ryu..i dare u to match up...bring it ornnnnnnn!!

blackbeld3736d ago

SF4 will beat MKDC easy, and when they make Capcom vs Marvel on next gen that will blow all current fighting games away.

Genaral Leo3736d ago

Is the worst fighting game franchise ever. clay fighters is better then mortal kombat.

mr_saturn3736d ago

I never liked Mortal Kombat. The real life images put me off from the start.

Baka-akaB3736d ago

Amen . From horribly animated and pixellised crappy digitized images to crappy 3d , and now this mockery of the Dc universe ... i dont get how mortal Kombat survive , while actually good franchise disappeared over time .

bring it on SF4 !

big shadow3736d ago

the old school mortal kombat was cool. the new ones just suck

specialguest3736d ago

MK 1-3 were good solid games. All of the other MK games after that were crap. I'll still take the SF games any day over MK though.

sumfood4u3736d ago

U know he's pretty confident with his statement, lol but tell me how Fun can Mortal Kombat be w/o Fatalities? this is the 1st Mortal Kombat w/o Fatalities, lmao I see Street Fighter IV kicking MKVDC Friendship A$$! pic proof!

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cmrbe3736d ago

should learn from this man.

3736d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.