IGDA Blasts Mythic Over Warhammer Crediting

Edge writes: "IGDA chairperson and 38 Studios VP of business development Jen MacLean has criticized Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning developer Mythic for its decision not to credit the MMORPG's full development team.

Mythic recently announced plans to only credit developers currently employed with the studio, a move that has disappointed the IGDA, which is in favor of an industry-wide standard for game credits.

"This policy is disrespectful of the effort of the game developers who worked on the game, and misleads both consumers and game industry peers," wrote MacLean in the IGDA's August newsletter."

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Ashta3762d ago

The IGDA is retarded. You can't really credit folks who had sorta worked on a project and then left 2 years before it's release date. Hell, I have been writing collaborative stories for 6 years now, so do you think I should credit some guy who wrote a single chapter in a small piece of text from 5-1/2 years ago?


Also, Capcom completely omitted the entire Clover team from the credits of Okami and nobody did anything about that. Can't say I see this being that big of a deal.

Petraeus3762d ago

If they quit or were fired before the game went gold (which if they aren't still there then this would be the case yes?)'s their loss. Period.

More liberal minded BS from IGDA. Nothing to see here folks..move along.