New screenshots of Fifa 09

A french site published some new screnshots of Fifa 09.

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jcfilth3761d ago

Great graphics!!
PES gameplay with Fifa's graphics would make the perfect futbol/football/soccer game, but it looks like the gameplay in Fifa09 is like PES, I did't like Fifa08 cuz the players were slow but it looks like they run and play faster now which is good, for me that is.

Reibooi3761d ago

That face looks creepy as hell.

Baka-akaB3761d ago

Indeed , it shows that even fifa games are still quite far from being close to reality .

Shankle3761d ago

No pictures or videos matter at all. Only demos matter.

ilkercruiser3761d ago

GFX are worse than fifa06 road to world cup(only on xbox360)